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I've suffered Depression for a couple years. It has gotten severely worse. The voices in my head are driving me crazy, they keep yelling at me, laughing at me and fighting with each other. Why do they hate each other?

I should feel something towards it, but I don't. I don't feel anything anymore. I don't even cry. They tell me to stay with them and go away from everyone. The worst part is that I listen. They present themselves as many things, mainly people most being male. The female was a child she never wanted me to leave her, but every time she spoke the males would yell at her. I don't even hear her whisper anymore.


I have suicidal thoughts almost all the time, everyday, my psychiatrist said I can be admitted into a hospital if I want to, I think I'm ready. Should I? 

Re: Numb

Hey tilly, that sounds really tough, but good on you for coming and taling about it here and to your psychiatrist. If your psychiatrist is recommending you to be admitted into hospital, and you think you're ready, then I reckon that's definitely what you should do. It seems to me like your condition is pretty serious and should be best treated with professional help, so I'd urge you to keep seeing your psychiatrist and trust their advice. 


Remember, you're never alone. 

Re: Numb

Hi Tilly,

I can't even imagine how hard it is for you, it is so great that you do see a psychiatrist to help you.
Have you told your psychiatrist about how bad it has become?
I assume you have and thats why being admitted as been brought up.

It's brave of you to be thinking that it may be the right thing to do now, neither I nor anyone else on these forums can tell you whether or not you should; it's something you really have to speak with your psychiatrist about and decide on.

If your psychiatrist supports it and you think you're ready for it/think it's right for you then it is a very respectable and acceptable decision which could prove to be a really good one.

Re: Numb

Hi Tilly,

That sounds like something really difficult to have to live with everyday. Like those that have said before me I think if you really feel like you're ready, then taking the next step would be ideal. Do you have any reservations? Talk to your psych about what to expect so you really understand what you will be getting into and feel comfortable when you take that step.

Take care of yourself Tilly.

Re: Numb

Hi Tilly, welcome to Reach Out. You are so brave to come here and share your story, it must be difficult to talk to people about the voices in your head so I really admire your courage. Your post really reminded me of this story, Unwelcome Voices. In it is a really important point - the voices don't want you to get help because it will make them go away. You have the potential and the opportunity to get rid of them, and it frightens them because they know you're strong enough to beat them.

I really do hope you consider the option of a stay in hospital to help clear out your head. The more people on your side, the better - and you've got me and all of us here rooting for you.

Re: Numb

Hey Tilly,


I just wanted to say that I'm rooting for you too.


Goodluck with whichever treatment decision you make!



Re: Numb

Good Luck! I'm glad your psychiatrist is supportive! Smiley Happy

Take care