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TW: Self-harm liking

Hello there,

First things first, i don't have any depressive or similar states. I'm generally happy person. Reason of this post is that i like self-harming since i was very young. I probably have pretty high pain threshold. I'm not doing it beacuse of pain. I can't say i have full control of this urge but it never had significant controll over me. I never do any of this when i'm feeling down so i can maintain control over this. I wonder what the heck does this mean and if someone else can relate.



Re: Self-harm liking

Hi, unfortunately this post is very graphic and breaches our guidelines. Please be mindful of others reading your posts as they are public. I have notified a moderator so it should be attended to soon. If anyone has been triggered by this and need help, please contact a helpline (you can find these in the urgent help section)

Re: TW: Self-harm liking

Hey @rodi 


Welcome to ReachOut Heart. I wanted to start by saying that it's great that you've taken the time to seek support about what's going on for you. It sounds like you're experiencing some pretty challenging (and dangerous) urges, which I imagine would've been quite hard to speak about, so good on you for being courageous enough to share! Heart


It sounds like you don't really know why you are self-harming, and that you have some unexplained urge. Sometimes we develop habits or urges that none of us can really understand. There may or there may not be some underlying, sub-conscious reason for the behaviour. I imagine not understanding why it's occurring would be hard. Reasons aside, you are doing some pretty harmful things to yourself, and I am a little concerned about you. Some of what you have described is pretty dangerous.


I'm wondering whether you want to stop self-harming at you?


If you aren't already, I really do encourage you to seek professional support to help you better understand the urges, and also to ensure your safety. What do you think about getting professional support?


@Lost_Space_Explorer5is correct in saying that some of what you have shared is a bit too graphic for the forums, so we have had to edit your post. I hope you don't mind. We understand that you're a new user and that most users are unfamiliar with the community guidelines. Feel free to read our guidelines here. We also have a thread on how to talk and self-harm safely here which I encourage you to read. I also noticed that you're an international user, and as you can see in the guidelines we linked you, this forum only allows Australian-based users. Therefore, I will have to remove your account - I'll leave it open for 24-36 hours though so that you can receive some peer support in the meantime.