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Re: TW trying to cope with too much

@Tiny_leaf  That does make it difficult, it is hard to make changes with yourself if you are in a chaotic home environment that takes your energy and focus to other things. With regards to the issue of the depression I find it helps when I am depressed to just let myself be depressed and I don’t mean like just sit and ignore all of my stuff but I just don’t try and fight it if that makes sense like I find half the energy I have is wasted trying to make it go away but if I just let it be there and do what I can it isn’t as hard. It is not ideal but meds do not work for me and neither does therapy strategies all therapy does is gives me a place to vent but i do need that. Idk where I was going but I hope whatever I said made sense. 

Re: TW trying to cope with too much

@MB95 90% my psychologists so far have been... pretty bad.


One gaslit me, misdiagnosed me, spent 6 months badly treating me for the wrong issue and then got angry with me for not improving under her "care".

The next one blamed me for literally every argument in my family, even the ones I was not involved in. She told me that the reason my brother physically and emotionally abused me was because

The one after that knew less about autism than I do, despite apparently specializing in it. I spent most of our sessions correcting her assumptions about autism and disability in general and trying to explain that I'd like to put more energy into improving my depression than "improving" (increasing) my eye contact.

All three did harm in various ways. A lot can go wrong.


Suggestions are definitely welcome.


The problem with eating is that a lot gets in the way of it for me.

I often don't have the energy to even get food. And I have serious anxiety around the whole eating thing...

If I think about it too much I can't eat at all honestly.


Triggers are.. something I need to put more thought into but also something that would be super triggering in itself and I don't have enough energy or the safe space to work it out......

My previous psychs have given me very little to work with unfortunately..


NDIS is because of my autism, but I'm trying to get funding for my mental illnesses as well. They don't make it easy at all.


And yeah, I've always had that feeling. At first I decided to ignore that and believe my doctor when he said I'd improve in six months-ish. It's been years now though. Smiley Sad


Thanks for your reply by the way. I probably seem really negative rn but I do appreciate it.

Re: TW trying to cope with too much

@Bre-RO thank you.

Re: TW trying to cope with too much

That sounds like so much to deal with @Tiny_leaf. I am so sorry you have had such a negative and traumatic experience. It is not something that anyone should have to go through - nobody deserves that Heart I really respect what you said about correcting assumptions because it is something that is important to get right. If you feel as though your therapist/health professional is coming from a different perspective, it makes it difficult to get therapeutic work down pat. After all of that, you sound so resilient and strong. I really love the insight, challenges and self-awareness that comes through in your posts.

The NDIS funding for mental health hopefully will help and reduce some stress and anxiety. I know how expensive services are and everything adds up so quickly. Not to mention needing funding to support physical pain symptoms. I hope it is something that can get organised for you sooner than later. I know some clients that are able to use it to engage in events and activities with a support person. I don't know if this is desirable or helpful for you but I liked the idea of this client being able to still enjoy themselves with a trusted support person Smiley Happy I particularly liked this idea because sometimes people can be seen as their issues or a list of symptoms.. rather than a human being that still requires fun and social interaction among other things.

Re: TW trying to cope with too much

@Eden1717 I know what you mean, I've had to do that a bit as well..

Atm I only really have here though even for venting.. 

I'm just hoping that the right therapist can still help me in some way..

Re: TW trying to cope with too much

@Taylor-RO ha.. no the NDIS tends to increase stress... Smiley Sad

Like that stress once triggered a seizure which is.. a bit impressive honestly because I don't have epilepsy. 

It'll be a big struggle to even get them to acknowledge my mental illnesses as a disability. The chances of them funding support for the physical pain are close to zero...


Hopefully whatever happens I'll get funding for more hours with a support worker though..

Re: TW trying to cope with too much

Hey @Tiny_leaf 


We know you find the application/ communication process with NDIS quite stressful. I think what Taylor was trying to say is that, if you do receive funding, then hopefully some of the support you receive will decrease some of the stress you're experiencing. I guess we'll just keep our fingers crossed for you at this point and hope that you get the funding you need.


We're glad that you feel you can vent on here. Venting your frustrations can really help relieve distress Heart

Re: TW trying to cope with too much

@Maddy-RO hopefully... I'm struggling to be optimistic though, since I might not even get that support Smiley Sad

Re: TW trying to cope with too much

@Eden1717 can I ask you a question? 


Re: TW trying to cope with too much

@Tiny_leaf  Sure