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Taking a break

Things are really chaotic atm hence why I haven't been online much. I probably should have done it a earlier but I need simvtime off the forums. I'm finding everything triggering and my own head is too confusing. I'm sorry I haven't been able to offer the support I usually try to give. Hopefully with some time to refresh I'll be back to my usual self and then I'll have to catch up on the games.


Take care everyone. 

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Re: Taking a break

A break is always needed, Have some time off and relax Smiley Happy

Re: Taking a break

good self care @redhead theres no shame in taking time away. ive just done that myself too

take care of you first Heart

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Taking a break

We understand @redhead - no stress, take care of yourselfHeart

Re: Taking a break

@redhead I'm glad you're recognising that you need some time off and are prepared to give that to yourself. Take care! Heart 

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Re: Taking a break

We understand @redhead Heart

You always give so much support on the forums and it's so important to take care of yourself!

Re: Taking a break

@redhead, just popping in to say that I hope you feel better soon and that I'm wishing you all the best <3