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Terrified to answer the door and cant't say no

Hello Smiley Happy

I have GAD and I'm always scared when someone knocks on the door and I won't answer, today I actually answered it but it was religious people trying to talk about the bible, I'm an atheist but feel too anxious to say I'm not interested so I listened to them for 20 min pretending I was religious and wasn't very uncomfortable and then they started trying to convince me to get baptised they were really pushy about it and said the pastor could be here in 15 min, the idea of baptism is something I 110% never want to do and I felt so scared and peer pressured I lied and said I was going out in 10 min and then they said they'd come back another day and I lied and said I don't live here I'm house sitting and then they asked for my address but I said I feel uncomfortable giving my address to people and they asked for a phone number and I gave them a fake one and once they left I spent 20 min crying and panicing and shutting all the windows and doors and blinds coz I feel like they are waiting to see if I actually go out and I'm very scared.

Im not sure what is wrong with me I almost let 4 strangers and a pastor come to my house and baptise me while I'm home alone and very scared and now I'm having a mild panic attack all because I didn't feel comfortable saying I'm not interested.


Re: Terrified to answer the door and cant't say no

Hey @Charlie-29-1999! First of all I want you to know that it was super brave of you to answer the door at all. Smiley Happy I'm sorry to hear that this time turned out to be such an uncomfortable, difficult experience.

Being assertive can be really tricky - I've often been in a similar situation as you were, where I've entertained doorknockers for a long time because I didn't want to be rude or tell them that I wasn't interested.

Sounds like those people at your door were being unnecessarily pushy. It wasn't fair of them to ask for your address, or to press you for a phone number when you were clearly uncomfortable.

How are you feeling now?

It sounds like being gentle with yourself is really important right now - what's something that you enjoy that you might be able to do tonight? Smiley Happy

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Terrified to answer the door and cant't say no

Hi @Charlie-29-1999
First of all can I just say that you responded really well in terms of your safety!
1) You didn't give them your real address and pretended you didn't live there
2) You didn't give them your phone number.
I'm so glad to hear this, because a lot of people get stuck with that!
I really get nervous and anxious when people knock on the door and try to sell me things, I feel too bad to say no and I would listen to them talk for ages but now I'm learning to be a bit more direct and saying 'Sorry no thank you'.
It's so hard when they come to your house, I'm a very private person so I don't like people knocking on the door unless it's the delivery guy.
To recap please know that you're not alone in how you feel and I think that you actually did a really good job with responding in terms of your safety Smiley Happy

Re: Terrified to answer the door and cant't say no

Hi @Charlie-29-1999

Wow, I can imagine how that would be a very anxiety provoking situation! Unfortunately these people can be very very pushy and it sounds as though they took their preaching too far. It's a shame that they didn't pick up of any subtle ques that you may have felt uncomfortable and backed off. 

Maybe you could put a sticker on your door saying "no doorknockers / salespeople" or even a sign saying " baby sleeping DO NOT KNOCK " ?