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Today I am having a tough time because...

Hi I am not sure if this is the right section or not so feel free to move it mods. I am also not sure if this is an idea people would like but I was thinking that having a thread where people could just post the reasons they are having a hard time or the thing they are struggling with that day would be kind of nice. like a thread so that if you just wanted to post without making a new thread or just needed to let it out you could. I am not sure how to set such a thread up or if just this thread is fine but if there is a problem with this mods you can just delete the thread. 


so for me I am having a tough time today because I have too much to do and I am too exhausted to do it.  

Re: Today I am having a tough time because...

Hey @Eden1717


This is a lovely idea, and I think it's really great that everyone has a communal place to share grievances and concerns

Re: Today I am having a tough time because...

@Eden1717 this is a brilliant idea!

Re: Today I am having a tough time because...

Yeah this is a great idea @Eden1717 😊


There's often times I just want to let stuff out but feel bad posting it because I don't want to seem needy or be annoying people who comment on my threads. Cause alot of the time it's just something small but to me seems massive and I just need to get it out. Sometimes just getting things written down can help and is all we need so I think it's a good idea 👍


So... today I'm having a tough time because I'm not sure where I belong, where I should be or what I should be doing.. 

Re: Today I am having a tough time because...


Everyone goes through tough times and I think its a wonderful idea to have a place specifically for sharing those moments to just get something off your chest and get some support. Sometimes its easier to have a casual forum where you can just pop in and rant or express yourself.

Wanted to also check in with you and see if you felt better, or still feeling tired. I know it can be hard when theres so much things to tackle and you feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

Best of luck !

Re: Today I am having a tough time because...

I can't get the thoughts out of my head.

Re: Today I am having a tough time because...

@Eden1717  I think this is a fantastic thread idea, thank you for starting it! A vent can do everyone good sometimes, and I also think there's a lot of power in the simple act of sharing our stories. 


@MB95 I just wanted to reassure you that this is a space where you truly don't need to feel like you're being needy, or worry about burdening people by sharing what you're going through. It's a privilege to be part of a space where people are comfortable sharing what's going on for them, and I know that you personally have helped a lot of people who have related to what you're going through. 


Do you want to talk a bit more about what thoughts you're having a tough time getting out of your head? 


On my way to work today, I did a mindset exercise with a free coaching/ mindset training app and it was actually really helpful for me - it was all about recognising unhelpful thoughts, and then writing them down, and looking at the costs they have to us, and then gently challenging them with evidence from our own life. It actually really helped me being able to do the exercise in an app - have you ever done any mindset exercises? It's pretty simple to do, and apparently the evidence suggests it can be really powerful. 




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Re: Today I am having a tough time because...

Hi @MB95 Smiley Happy

I just wanted to check in to see how you were doing. Fighting our own thoughts and inner demons can be really hard especially since It sometimes seems like they are stuck with us forever, constantly nagging and giving us doubts, fears, and anxiety. But I want to reassure you and let you know that they do go away, and you are not alone in facing them.

An advice I can give you if you feel like you need some space from your thoughts that I've personally used is to write down what's bothering me and just rant on my notes app and get everything out, then I lock that note and I get off my phone and try to do something to distract me that I enjoy. Games, Netflix, sleeping, going out all give me peace of mind.

Re: Today I am having a tough time because...

Hey everyone, 


I really like the idea of this thread because sometimes you can feel a bit 'dramatic' for want of a better word in sharing what's going on for you in your own separate thread. That way you can just let it out and if someone wants to respond that's cool, but if they don't want to that's also fine?


Anyway, today I'm having a tough time because I'm feeling worried that my workplace is going to shut down because of COVID-19 and that I'll be left without an income. This is totally out of my control but it still stresses me out a bit. 

“Your now is not your forever."
― John Green, Turtles All the Way Down

Re: Today I am having a tough time because...

Hey @MisoBear, thank you for sharing Heart Glad you like the idea of this thread!


I am sorry that you are feeling worried about your work going into shut down. I hope for your sake that they don't! Fingers crossed Smiley Happy I know your worry is a little more specific.. but we have a chat on coronavirus if you think it might be helpful to read or contribute to.