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Re: Unread Letters

An open letter to employers:
- Please do not advertise a job if you're just going to hire your friend or someone internally. This goes for courses with limited places as well.
- Please do not omit critical details, such as the actual location, cost of the training, or the amount of travelling required for the role, from a job ad or interview. Additionally, do not tell 'white lies' and try to make the details of the job sound more appealing than they actually are or make promises that you don't intend on keeping, because sooner or later, the candidate is going to find out and you'll just end up looking untrustworthy.
- Please do not state that the basic requirements of the role are a degree in a relevant field and one year's experience in a similar role, and then go on to interview and reject a candidate who meets that criteria on the basis of 'We decided to go with candidates with a lot more experience so that we would spend less money on training'.
- Please do not reject unpaid interns on the basis of limited experience, or require specific experience of potential interns that one can only gain through volunteering or other unpaid internships.
- Please do not advertise a role as being suitable for individuals with disabilities, then later say that the role requires tasks that are difficult for someone with a particular disability to do and be unwilling to make any adjustments for them.
- Please do not interview a candidate if you have no intention of getting back to them regarding their application.
- Please do not require a candidate to perform superhuman feats during an interview, such as requiring them to memorise and recite the names of specific laws off the top of their head.
- Please do not hire a candidate or volunteer just for them to unknowingly 'fill a gap' while you are in the process of hiring a more experienced or paid candidate, and then make them redundant on the basis of 'reduced workload' after the other person is hired/starts working there.
- Please do not hire a volunteer/intern/new candidate just for the role to end up being them cleaning up after you, washing your dirty dishes, watering your plants, repairing your toilet, etc. If the position is advertised as being in administration for example, then it should be in administration. Why not hire a paid cleaner, caretaker or handyperson for those tasks?
- Please do not hire someone if you don't want to properly train them.
- Please do not hire a candidate or volunteer only for them to show up when they are supposed to start the role to have no one know who they are or how to train them, or even for no paid staff to be onsite at that time.
- Please NEVER fire/make someone redundant through suddenly ceasing to provide them with shifts, or alternatively, telling them you are going to place them on a different shift without having any intention of doing so and not following up with them. This is particularly heinous because the person ends up not knowing whether to look for another position, change their hours at their other positions, or whether they are still employed.
- Please do not advertise a position that you don't really believe that your company needs, or without having a clear plan about what you expect from the position and the purpose that it serves to your company.
- Please do not think that the Fair Work guidelines do not apply to you or your company.

These things have literally all happened to me, and I'm only young. It has made the job seeking process so disheartening and just makes me want to give up on it sometimes.
Please act more ethically and treat your younger staff/volunteers/candidates better. It will improve your reputation and make young people want to stay with you.

A young jobseeker.


Re: Unread Letters

@WheresMySquishy I'm so sorry you had do deal with all that..

It makes me wish that there was a way to hold them accountable.


Re: Unread Letters

@Tiny_leaf  I wish there would be too. I thought about taking up one of my experiences with a board, but at the time I had lots of stuff going on and I'm pretty sure the staff changed shortly after they terminated me, so in the end I decided to let it go.
I think that there should be more laws about false or misleading jobs ads.


Re: Unread Letters

@WheresMySquishy definitely..


Re: Unread Letters

@Tiny_leaf  Some of these experiences make me wonder why it is so hard for employers to just be honest about what the role involves. If they omit important things from the job description, it makes me wonder what else they could be hiding about the company and position. I feel like my time is wasted going to interviews and accepting roles that turn out to be not as advertised. At some places, I've left the interview wondering whether the role actually exists and why they bothered interviewing me. A few years ago, I was sent a position description via email and told to come in for an interview, then as I got up to leave the interview, the interviewer told me, 'We'll get back to you as to whether we are looking for new people'. I then didn't hear from them for over two months until I emailed them back, then they told me that they were not actually hiring. Why advertise the position and arrange an interview then?


Re: Unread Letters

@WheresMySquishy maybe they were bored? Smiley Tongue

Seriously though, that sounds so frustrating... like, that would've taken them more work then just... not interviewing anyone... what the hell?


Re: Unread Letters

@Tiny_leaf  Hahaha it was so strange. I'm not sure what they were hoping to achieve. It's not the only time this has happened to me either and I've heard about something like that happening to someone else as well. It makes me mad because people spend time and money going to interviews, only to discover that the advertised role does not exist. I don't know why employers can't just be honest and upfront. Surely, there has to be a law against false job advertising or something.

Re: Unread Letters

Dear The Shooting Stars


There are many stories I want to tell you, 

Hopefully that will brighten up your dull and boring journey. 


I will start from the same old. 

Everytime I looked up,

I couldn't find you. 

So I made a wish, 

The same wish over and over again. 

Hoped that you could hear me across this vast universe. 


Wish wish wish same old wish. 

You probably still haven't got any of them, 

But please let them fly a little bit more while.

They are having a bit of hard time finding their ways to you. 


All these wishes, 

They came to life when they left my heart. 

Curious creatures,

Followers of love. 


So don't blame them, 

When they smell love.

They loved to stay around,

To watch lovers kiss, friends hug. 


And no, 

They hate to watch onced lovers be strangers, 

They will cry with them in the middle of the night, 

Where he woke up because she was in his dream again. 


But they will come to you eventually. 


You will get the messages these majestic creatures carry. 


Hey shooting star, 

In case you are reading this. 

I will have the message right here for you. 


Once upon a time, 

A very sad boy said:

"shooting star, shooting star, I hope that this world becomes a better place, and be a happier place. Just a little bit more is good enough." 



You know who am I



Re: Unread Letters

To my family,

Don't keep going on about how certain people are always asking about me and trying to make them sound more caring than they are. To this day, I have received no word from them whatsoever despite them having my contact details. If they really cared about me, they would attempt to reach out to me, especially as they know I have been unwell. Yes, they told you that they were going to call me, but I am still waiting for that phone call months later. I am also still waiting for them to reschedule the times they wanted to meet with me. You know, the ones that they cancelled without any prior notice. Even the times in which I coincidentally bumped into them, they did not bother to ask about me at all, or offer any words of support or kindness.
Basically, what I'm trying to say is, it's not me, it's them.


Re: Unread Letters

Dear mum, 

I love you. I’m sorry I made you feel like I want you to move so that I can live with dad. I’m not really sure what I done to make you feel that way, but my only guess would be the way I’ve hidden my feelings from you. I may seem ‘fine’ in front of you, that’s not because I’m happy you’re leaving. Do not even try to say that to me. You hurt me, I’m tired of you hurting me. But I understand, I know you haven’t been yourself lately because of all the stress, that is why I’m ‘fine’. Well I’m not fine. I’m hiding myself from you. I’m protecting you because I care about you. Every night I cry myself to sleep with the thought of losing you. I don’t know what I’m gonna do without you by myself. But what I do know is that whatever I am, Its not gonna be happy. I’m going to miss you so much but I can’t deal with another big change so I can’t come. I’m sorry I’m not capable of moving that far. 
I wish I could help you, I hate seeing you the way I am when I’m not around anyone. I can see how much your struggling, the pain, I want to help but you never talk anymore. You just sit there crying. You don’t even try to hide it. I remember when I was at that stage.. please reach out for help. You need it. It’s breaking me to pieces Smiley Sad