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Re: Unread Letters

Dear Mum,

I know you get frustrated with dad a lot - everyone does, but maybe sometimes it'd be nice if we had a period of time where we made a deal to not complain about everything he says/does/doesn't say/doesn't do. I know we're both females (and it's in our nature to b*tch) but the constant b*tching doesn't get us anywhere; it just makes me frustrated that I can't do anything to help the situation.

With love


No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: Unread Letters

Dear SOR


That was cruel!  Smiley Sad



Dear Society

What a surprise! Why were you so easy?? You are usually horribly hard!! Thank you though! 


Re: Unread Letters

Dear Senior Science syllabus/texbook/teacher/whoever,
Can you please tell me where I am supposed to find this info I can't seem to find? I mean Emsulifying agents? Seriously, it's not in our textbook! I have tried the net and have failed to find anything so far...
Also what's with this assessment on dermal patches and subdermal implants, we haven't studied this, why are we being tested upon it? Why is it so hard to find info on them??
Why must you be a pain? I seriously am not enjoying lifestyle chemistry! It's worse then full out year 10 chem!!
Please help me understand,
One annoyed and confused student

Dear Back space key,
Why must you break all of a sudden? You infuriate me! Seriously? I have to use the delete key now, which means I have to go before the letter to delete it... arr this will be interesting to try and write my rational my drama IP rational... 300 words and now back space, oh the joy....

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Unread Letters

Dear whomever stole my locker

I'd appreciate it if you would be so kind as to return my custom made locker to it's prior location! It has my laptop and chargers in it! Smiley Sad They are expensive and the school would NOT be please to have to replace my locker + laptop and chargers! 

If you don't would you at least explain to the school why? They are as mystified as I am! Smiley Sad 

One seriously confused student


Dear Ms B

You are lovely- yes, I know I've only had you for 2 lessons, but you are seriously awesome!


a) You smile! My previous teachers were under the illusion that smiling was a crime(my classes did their work and were polite as well!)

b) You allow as much flexability as is possible re the IRP(knowing how controlling the BOS is)

c) You create a relaxing atmosphere- no freaking about how much time we have left to do the course even though it's only week 4 and are willing to reassure us that we're doing well/the HSC isn't the end of the world.

d) you don't patronize me if I don't understand and need clarification!


I LOVE CAFS!! =)  



Dear Mrs M

Thank you for setting interesting homework + breaking stuff down so I understand it. I'll try my best to get used to your teaching style, but I know already that you aren't horrible like Mrs F was last year


Re: Unread Letters

Dear Science Teacher,
Well this is kind of embarrasing for you, but I find it uite funny that you set an assessment task and you yourself aren't sure of what dermal patches or subdermal implants are, and then don't know the difference between dermal and transdermal patches... Well, upon looking at my syllabus from BOS and then going to the textbooks index I look up dermal - nuttah, patches - 2 different pages, read through one, oooh transdermal and dermal patches are teh same flipping thing! Dermal is shortened from transdermal, OMG, and I wondered why Google was always bringing up transdermal!! YEt you couldn't tell us... Haven't you taught this course before? Oh dear.... What a sad state of affairs we are in... Smiley Tongue
I would like you to ask if you can make you know what your giving us before you give them to us? Possible?

Dear Index and glossary,
You both save me so much heart ache and frustration Kudos to you both Smiley Happy

Dear Brain,
Please get a wriggle on, you don't have much time to finish your science assessment and you're half way there with drama... see your weren't wrong when you told your mentor it'd only take about an hour or so Smiley Happy
Though you do need to get a wriggle on with your TAFE assessment, you've got exactly 2 weeks now, don't leave it until last moment! I'm warning you Smiley Happy
Over all you're getting better with organisation... Keep it up Smiley Happy

Dear Yr 9+10 Math teacher,
You're a funny guy aren't you? Thank you for helping me today. I knew where I went wrong after asking you! And thanks for teh study tip too! I haven't done it yet - I know naughty, BUt I will get it done, I promise... Ps. I like how you set me homework even though your not my teacher... XD

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Unread Letters

Dear Ms M

Could you please remember to ensure your instructions make sense? No matter how many times you explained them, I'm still confused! Smiley Sad



Dear W

Thanks for yeserday- it was lovely. We should do that more often! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Unread Letters

Dear self,

I know you are grieving because your best friend/ sister passed away, but withdrawing from the world is not helping. You are not sleeping, you are not talking, you are self harming again, and you aren't allowing yourself to feel emotions. I know you are struggling with her passing, but you need to allow yourself to get help before things spiral too far out of control. Please, please, please look at helping yourself. You need to.

Love, Becks

Re: Unread Letters

Dear Tears,
Please leave me alone so I can concentrate enough to get my work done. You're not helping any and only making me feel worse. Please find somewhere else to reside for now.

Dear Focus + Motivation,
Where have you gone? I would much appreciate a dose of you both right now. It'd be much appreciated!

Dear Self,
Please stop being so hard on yourself. You shouldn't be beating yourself up just because you don't understand something. Put this away and continue it latter. Ask your mentor to help you through it Wednesday. Just please stop bashing your head against a brick wall. Look after yourself!
Much Love,

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Unread Letters

Dear Self,

I know you're stressing and frustrated at people because you're starting VCE next week and everybody keeps telling you that you won't be able to cope with a full-time (6 subject) workload. But please, trust yourself; you know what you're doing - use these next 3/4 weeks as a trial and see how you go. The more you go to school the quicker your anxiety will reduce. I know motivation's still a big concern, but you just need to make sure you take things one step at a time. It will all work out the way it's supposed to.

Take care,


No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: Unread Letters

Dear Self,
You've done a great job this evening. OKay so we didn't get heaps done, but we got a couple hours doen of solid work - cheers! You should feel good. Don't worry about the KHL sesh tonight. Don't worry about what that kid said in math - you do what you have to do!
Also I want to say when you feel like no one is listening write, write a letter to an annonymus person, just get it out!
I want to thank you for holding strong all day. You've done exceptional!
Well done! XX

Dear Math teacher,
Thanks for taking the time to re-explain the exercise to me a ouple of times. I really appreciated how you went to a simpler example to explain where I got stuck and confused. And thumbs up for comming back every so often to see how I was going with the work.

I wish I could talk to you like you talk to me. I wish I could share my problems as easily as it seems you share yours. But thank you for always being there even when I just don't know what to say. Our b*tch sesh in Science today was a bit of a pick me up - thanks darl xox

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart