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Why I feel unworthy

because I want to be my ideal self. I'm not what I want to be. I think I'm not even closer. I feel so tired of being me that I don't want to be. This a short answer to why I feel unworthy

Re: Why I feel unworthy

Hey @Aqui


Welcome to ReachOut Australia! You've found us right across the Pacific Smiley Tongue You may find more useful information at ReachOut USA. But feel free to hang around and check out our forums if you're finding our resources helpful. 


It's awesome that you're wanting to work towards being your best self. Not always easy, but it's definitely do-able!

I think that continuing to improve oneself is an ongoing task so we may not think that we're doing much but we are. What's been happening that's been having you feel like you're unworthy? 

Stay excellent

Re: Why I feel unworthy

hi @Aqui


From my personal journey what I have learnt is trying to fulfill and ideal self that we think others will like makes us unhappy and  it is also really quite impossible to fulfill  because different people like different things, at different times, etc etc.   

To me it It feels a bit like trying to feel an cup with no bottom.


I dont have the answer of what the right thing is to do...because for everyone it is different.


I wont go on too much about this as I think there are many reasons why we might feel unworthy, and you really have to find which angles are the ones that resonate with you, and work on those things.


Im interested to know a bit more information  if you feel like sharing Smiley Happy


Re: Why I feel unworthy

Thank you! I've haven't tried ReachOut USA, but I've found it helpful here. I feel unworthy because I think I'm not important and I think I'm not important because I don't feel appreciated. I always think "I should be this or do this, so I can feel appreciated". I'm tired of being who I am. My ideal self is far from the person I feel I am. I feel like giving up. Maybe there's been an improvement in the last couple of years, but I still feel like struggling with low self belief. I just end up feeling unworthy at the end of the day because I don't feel as appreciated as I want.

Re: Why I feel unworthy

Hey @Aqui!!! It seems like you might be relying a lot on what other people think of you in order to feel worthy. Like you mentioned, it can set you up for feeling down when you feel like others don't appreciate you as much as you want them too.

Have a look at these resources about building self confidence and challenging negative self-talk and maybe try applying some of the tactics to your situation. Let us know what you think Smiley Happy

Re: Why I feel unworthy

Hey @Aqui

You mention that you're not really sure what person you'd like to be, and you mention that being appreciated is also very important to you. Perhaps a place to start would be to think of what you appreciate in other people, and what other people appreciate in other people? Maybe that may give you an idea on the sort of things you may like to try doing.

As Safari93 said, it sounds like you're relying a lot on what other people think of you and equating their opinions on you with your worth a lot. I think it would be wonderful if you could try to think of your own beliefs a little bit more. Other people do not define you.
What things do you like about yourself? What things do you think people should appreciate about you (even if you feel that right now they don't)? What good qualities would people you know say you have? Why do the people in your life keep you in your life? I guarantee that everyone isn't just keeping you around out of pity. You offer them all something.

Re: Why I feel unworthy

Hi @Aqui, it sounds like you don't feel like a very worthy person?  @safari93's suggestion of challenging negative self talk is a great one, you could also check out this on building self-esteem?


In what areas would you like to improve? Thinking of specific tangible things can make it easier to take action