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feel very unwell everyday

for over a year now ive been feeling terrible everyday. i constantly feel pain all around my body and feel weak also if i havent eaten in a while ill feel incredibly sick and only feel better when i eat lots of food. I have also had social anxiety for pretty much my whole life and its gotten way worse now and feel depressed a lot. i have been to the doctors many times for anxiety and for feeling sick and nothing has gotten better i think i need way more serious help. i havent felt good in so long please help.

Re: feel very unwell everyday

Hi @person332 and welcome to ReachOut,

Thank you for making your first post and being open with us about how you have been feeling -I admire your courage and self awareness. 

That must be very hard feeling so unwell and in pain so regularly in the last year - it takes a lot of strength to manage ongoing pain and difficult feelings Heart

You have mentioned going to see a doctor, was this a GP or another type of doctor? Have you seen a mental health professional before?

Reaching out for help is such a big step and I am very grateful you have spoken with us today about how you are feeling and hopefully from the discussions on this forum, we can link you in with some more supports Heart


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Re: feel very unwell everyday

the doctor i have been seeing is just average doctor and i have seen a psychiatrist for mental health but i dont think he has helped much the only help ive gotten is anxiety pills but i need a lot more help also ive recently been diagnosed with autism by a different psychiatrist i really liked him he knew a lot about what im going through but he still had no idea why ive been feeling so sick all the time. i need more help but i have no idea how to get it or exactly the type of help i need also im 17 years old

Re: feel very unwell everyday

Hey @person332 sounds like the past year has been incredibly difficult for you Smiley Sad Dealing with pain and feeling unwell is exhausting and takes a lot of strength as @Jess1-RO mentioned. How are you feeling about that new diagnosis?

I have experienced feeling unwell for a lot of my life and after many years of doctor visits I was finally diagnosed with something that was causing me to feel sick. I decided to change doctors to someone who was more thorough with testing because the one I was seeing initially dismissed my physical symptoms and said it was just symptoms of anxiety. Has your doctor tested you for many things that could be causing you to feel unwell?

Re: feel very unwell everyday

ive had many tests and according to my docter everything it could be has been tested and there are no more tests that can be done

Re: feel very unwell everyday

@person332 sounds like the doctor has been pretty thorough with testing but they haven't found anything that is causing you to feel unwell yet? What do you think the next step for you could be now?

Re: feel very unwell everyday

i have no idea what to do now i definitely need more help but i just dont know how to get it

Re: feel very unwell everyday

Hey there @person332 could you talk to your clinic about getting a second opinion, seeing another GP? This sounds very distressing for you, we're here to listen if you need to unpack it a bit with your peers here at ReachOut.

Re: feel very unwell everyday

the past few days ive been feeling really awful. i feel like my stomach is empty and i feel like im starving to death even if i eat a lot. i also feel really weak and dizzy and sore all over my body. i feel really depressed and like im losing my mind too. i cant get any help for the feeling sick because they dont know whats causing it so i dont know what to do. i need serious help i feel like i cant go on much longer

Re: feel very unwell everyday

hi there @person332 - you really need to see a GP. 

If you're not well enough to leave the house, you can call 13 SICK (13 7425) to get a free GP home visit. 

You can also call Health direct Australia on 1800 022 222 to talk about your symptoms and they can help you decide what to do next. 


Even if you don't know what is causing the sick feeling, its important that you speak to a professional about it. If it's related to your mental health, they should be able to help you with that as well. 

Your health is important! Let us know how you go. 


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