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Re: hi i feel like im going crazy

That's tough when you get a bit stuck :/ Perhaps you could mention that feeling to your psych and see if they have suggestions for getting things back on track @bojack


That sounds awesome, I will definitely have to give them a listen Smiley Happy That makes total sense, I find music really helpful as well and it really can remind you of past experiences and happy things, right? 


Of course! Glad to hear you were able to get some things done, well done Smiley Happy We're always here for you. 


Re: hi i feel like im going crazy

Hey @bojack. These forms will hopefully make you feel like your not alone in tricky situations and make you feel like you can reach out, we're all here to listen and chat if needed Smiley Happy

Some of these points I can relate to as well, and for me it sucks cause I feel like I don't know how to find these solutions for my problems, and I dislike talking to people about these topics cause I feel like they wouldn't fully understand. So I'm glad you've reached out on these forums so we can all help one another Smiley Very Happy

Maybe you can look for new hobbies, travel if you have the chance or volunteer somewhere, see if anything sparks your interest. And remember to have some self-care days, those are really important!

I see that you liked the band Years and Years, and I'm also a fan of their music his voice is so amazing! What other musicians/bands are you also into?

Re: hi i feel like im going crazy

I think coming here when im having an episode will be really helpful im glad ive found it! 


I totally get it, its so hard to reach out to people (especially being a teenager) because nobody understands, and sometimes it really just feels like nobody cares. One time i opened up to my friend about my issues and i saw her eyes glaze over and it was really a breaking moment. It's good though that we have this platform to find other people who can really empathise to open up to.


I've kinda learnt that you kinda have to wait out the bad times, and that the bad, (and the good), are inevitable. I guess though the bad times make the good times good, cant have good without evil i guess. My journey i think is coming to terms with that, and the fact that life is kinda difficult and to force myself to make good of it. 


omgomgomgomg i love them so much im so excited about this new album and how it proudly explores gender and sexuality ugh!!! so good watch the new music videos theyre so artsy and great Smiley Happy)) I love me some lana del rey, 1975 but really pretty much anything (i think my music taste is a lil basic but thats ok) also im a huge musical theatre geek! 


Re: hi i feel like im going crazy

Hey @bojack, glad that you enjoy being here on the forums. The forums are a great place for peer support but keep in mind, you might need some extra assistance when you are having an 'episode'. This is just to ensure you get the help you need, when you need it! Are there any other services you use? I noticed that you have a psychologist which is really awesome, nice work Heart

It can be tough to talk to friends, not everyone understands or sometimes they can be unsure of what to say. That is a really interesting point, sometimes we do have to see the good in life even if it is hard to. It is something that everyone has to go through!


Re: hi i feel like im going crazy

I don't really know of any other services, ive tried places like eheadspace but i think theyre a bit overlogged and are never avaliable. I dont really know how else to get help when im really freaking out, usually i stick it out and go to bed. there's not a whole lot of places to go for a measly panic attack or depressive episode u know?

Re: hi i feel like im going crazy

Hi @bojack it's great that you've reached out to us and I totally agree in that sometimes all we can do is wait it out. We're definitely here to listen and support you. I guess it's also important to remember that if you're really struggling at times that there are also other supports available like Kids Helpline and it's great to hear that you are getting support from a psychologist too. What are some ways you can practice self-care during those tough times? Heart

Re: hi i feel like im going crazy

Music is so powerful in shifting our moods Smiley Happy @bojack it is like sometimes you want to pair the music with your mood, but other times it is good to listen to something immensely positive to help move you out of the pain. We are always here to listen, that's what this community is all about Heart How are you feeling now about everything?

Re: hi i feel like im going crazy

i'm feeling good, i saw my grandpa and did some baking with my family. my moods generally sweep pretty dramatically, so im enjoying this good patch while it lasts Smiley Happy