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social Personality Disorder/ Depression

Hi there,


This is my first time on here so I apologise if I type to much. I have been suffering now for years Depression and have been told I have Bipolar Disorder and then told I have Personality disorder when it comes to emtional coping and depression and not Bipolar. Im 30 years old and the last 6 months even though I have been seeing my pyhscologist and GPevery 2 weeks I just feel like one minute Im fine then an episode will just hit and I just cant be around people and I have to isolate myself from everyone and just feel totally hopeless and worthless and that nothing will  get better and as it only lasts 20min I then pick up like someones flicked a light switch and Im back to normal. My meds Im on do help but the change in moods and mental thinking are happening a lot more I just dont understand why its getting worse. I liiterally feel like a diff person when I experience this.  As I have had depression since a young teen Ive only started to get proper treatment for it the last few years and its caused me to withdraw so much that I have so much debt owing to so many people. kept on losing jobs without any proper explanation and its been effecting every aspect of my life with my friends and family. I just wish there is someone I could turn to that could really put a light on this and what Im experiencing is due to what?? I have such a small group of friends that I feel so apart from them that I am really praying to just meet and talk to people that understand and not have any high unrealisitc expectations and to help me get myself out of this darkblack hole Im in.


When you suffer from depression for so long you find a way to really put a front on and which makes everyone think that your ok when your the complete oppisite. I feel up and on a hgh then just crash with no warning. Its happening so much and it causes me to get nothing done. I just want to get out there and interact and be my old self that everyone knows me as and have my freidn join me in things but its just not happening.


I really would to hear from anyone that has any advise or even people that feel the same.


Re: social Personality Disorder/ Depression

Hi reachforhelp!


It's awesome that you've come onto the forums and told your story.  Sounds like you've had to deal with this for a long time and while you are seeing the GP and psych it might not be enough?  Have you discussed each of the things you mentioned on here with them?  Because they're the ones that can most make you understand and see what's going on.  Even if you ask for a more scientific explanation it may help you to understand everything a little bit better.  Also have you talked about the financial burden that this is having on you?  Perhaps they may be able to offer you another level of support so it doesn't weigh down on you so much?

In regards to wanting to not withdraw and talk to people etc, maybe group therapy?  You can talk to your gp/psych about this and they can maybe make some suggestions to where you could go.  Maybe it will be helpful to be around people who are like minded?  Also I'm sure if you do some research or googling on some other mental health websites you might find something.


Take care of yourself.

Re: social Personality Disorder/ Depression

They focus more on anxiety in this group, but you could maybe contact them and they could advise on what you could try?

Re: social Personality Disorder/ Depression

Thanks so much for your reply. Its means a lot and to know people out there understand and also care and mean it to. I have talked to my physc about these issues and he has helped in making me understand a bit more in terms of the cause and why its gotten harder the last few years but the thing I really struggle with is been able to make the changes that I really need to and want to. I feel like Ive done ALOT of talking and no action as I have had lack of support and encouragement which doesnt help as I struggle to know what to do.


Do you think I should see a life coach. ??


Re: social Personality Disorder/ Depression

Of course! I have my moments too.

I get what you mean though. It's like you've been told and learned how to overcome it, but you don't have the drive and motivation to do it alone. You need someone else there to keep checking in with you and making sure you do it. Maybe you could try telling your therapist that you want a more tailored program to instigate the change you want to make in your life. It might prompt and push them to work better with you.

I've never considered a life coach. I'm not even too sure how they work or what they focus on. I've noticed it's been a growing trend. Do you know anyone who's seen one before? I can't really form an opinion on this question because I don't know enough about it. Maybe you could ask yourself a few questions like, what draws you to seeing a life coach. Would you see one in conjunction with your therapist. Maybe bring it up with your therapist and see what they have to say about it.

Maybe someone else has more information on what a life coach could offer?

Don't know if that was too helpful.

Re: social Personality Disorder/ Depression

Hey there again


Its awesome you know where Im coming from. Its def the case that I dont know how to start or do it myself as I have been through the causes and once knowing why I feel the way i do and act and think I can then change it but its def not that easy at all. My therapist is great but def only talking we do an dont go through any changes as he advised  he needs to refer me to someome to do CBT but I have a slight issue having to see new people which prob comes down to my trust issue.

I havent actually  spoken to anyone thats seen a life coach but Im more towards proper therapists then life coach as they prob dont specialise in mental illness..

I feel soooooo much has happened that I have no idea what it is to feel content and at peace anymore. I def need someone that can check in on me and get me started. I just dont know where to turn. each day is soooo differentl I honestly dont even know who I am anymore if that makes sense. I know what my good qualitles are but I just have no idea who I am as a person.

I just cant bare the thought of living life much longer and no making any major changes.


What would you recommend I do ?




Re: social Personality Disorder/ Depression

Hey Reachforhelp, have you considered trying a program like MoodGYM? Following along with the modules could be similar to seeing a life coach. You have some challenges to complete and get to explore your own feelings and sense of self, plus it's a good introduction to CBT without having to see someone new. Might be worth a shot!