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Just checking in with you. I've caught up on some of your replies and it definitely sucks to have your friends flake out. I've tried to organize an online game night with friends too, and I have yet to have everyone come through or anything really work out. It's really hard. Try your best to now put that on yourself though, because it says more about them as a friend than it does about you as a person. The least they could have done was given you a heads up before time if they were too busy instead of backing out last minute and giving you false hope.


In terms of being added to a different group of friends. GOOD JOB. You should be proud of yourself for sticking through even when things got uncomfy. That means you are growing as a person and building up your confidence. Keep putting yourself out there. If no one initially acknowledges you just do your best to create a presence and even after the game maybe just leave a message like "thanks for the invite was fun guys" or something. Small things like that build up and you really don't know what It can bring. At the very least these experiences can build you up as a person.


Hope you hang in there! 

Who rated this post