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YAAAAY!!! Disability pride month, disability pride month! (ironically I missed finding this post during the month because of executive dysfunction) 


I know it seems sorta weird to people to be proud of something that's always shown in such a negative light and that can cause some really concrete problems.


But I don't think that pride has to be liking or wanting to be something (though this varies between people and disabilities - I'm quite happy being autistic, but I don't enjoy my chronic pain)

I think pride in this context is more the opposite of shame.

I think that disability pride means making it safe for people to not hide thier disabilities and access needs.

Because no one should have to be ashamed because of thier disabilities, or be forced to hide that part of them.


Anyway I could talk about this forever but my knee pain is making it hard to concentrate, so I'll leave it here. Happy belated disability pride!

Who rated this post