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I think we covered a lot tonight!


Work stress is a big topic though, so if you think you need to chat about it more try headspaces work and money support service here. 


A big thank you to the community members who sent questions about things like taxes, award rates, workplace rights and contracts. These questions are best answered by the experts in the field who have put together easy to navigate information. Here is a list of places to get all your work-related questions answered: 


  • Head over to MoneySmart - they explain contracts, taxes, super, pay here
  • For those of you who asked Safe work provides up to date information on all your employee rights. You have a right to be treated fairly at work. Behaviour such as bullying is unacceptable, read more about anti-bullying here. 
  • Read more about your rights at work here. If you experience bullying you should consider speaking to Fair Work, read about the bullying complaints process here


@KaiRoe do you have any tips for wrapping your head around taxes/super/rights etc? 



Who rated this post