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Hey @Riskybuiz I haven't got Covid anymore, but I did have it, along with the rest of my family. I am in QLD 🙂 👋


That question depends on what you mean... Do you mean like coping with being in isolation? or just dealing with the whole pandemic in general?

I honestly Just ignore it, even though it's running rampant through my church and school, but only because there's no other way for me to really cope. If you mean the first question, I was certainly stir-crazy! It was kinda just a lot of watching tv and helping my family out while they had it. I was only a very mild case, i didn't even need to take cold meds! 


In general some good coping methods while isolating, definitely call or text your friends! I know I did, and if I didn't, I honestly don't know where my mental health would have been... I also did some paintings for my small business, so that kept me entertained for a few days too. 

Hope this helps, and Get better soon!!!!🥰

Who rated this post