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@Riskybuiz how are you doing now? I really hope your recovery from COVID was smooth. 💛

Iso is so tough - I really feel for anyone who's going through it. 

When I had COVID, I basically binge watched my favourite shows, took a lot of nice warm baths, listened to music, or slept when I wasn't feeling too great.
I think the main thing for me was just trying to be kind to myself and accept I was sick - so letting myself do whatever I needed without judging myself. 

How did you go with the isolation Riskybuiz? Did you find some things that helped that you might be able to share for other people going through it?


@xXLexi_Lou122Xx I definitely don't think you're alone in deciding to ignore COVID now - I've heard a lot of people lately saying things like "I'm just over it tbh". I think there's only so long we can all live with the pandemic at the front of our thoughts and it's completely understandable if people need to make a choice to think about other things. 

I love your tips for iso - it's so helpful that you had friends and paintings to keep you busy. 😃

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