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Feelings about Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day on Sunday - a lovely time to celebrate with your mum for some, but for other's it can be quite a triggering time. If you are someone who has lost their mum, has a complicated relationship with them or doesn't have contact with family, you might find this weekend a bit tough. You're not alone in this and we encourage you to share how you're feeling in the comments below ❤️


Some tips that might help :


  • Reduce your time on social media this weekend - seeing other people spending time with family all over your social media feeds can be really upsetting. Try making some space to get creative instead - do some crafting, compose a song, write a poem, colour in or take some photos. 🎷🖍📸


  • Hang out with your friends or chosen family - family can take many forms! Go for a coffee with your bff, catch up over Facetime with your mate or go on an adventure with the people in your life that appreciate, support and love you. 💖


  • Try some journaling - treat yourself to a new notebook or grab whatever paper you have, and write out what feelings Mother's Day brings up for you. Sometimes putting pen to paper and getting it all out can help you feel a bit better. 📝


  • Book in to have a chat with your therapist and explore what feelings are coming up for you, with their support. 🤝


Who rated this post