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Anxiety 101

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What is anxiety? 


Anxiety is a challenging thing to experience –  it can be scary and isolating. Finding the right help can get complicated, so we've put together information and resources to help you find support with anxiety. 


Feeling afraid is uncomfortable, but experiencing a moment of fear that comes and goes quickly is part of life. Your body's natural stress response kicking in means everything is working as it should – but if you're living with ongoing worry and stress, you might identify with some of these symptoms: 


Anxiety can look like this:


  • Worrying often that something bad might happen 

  • Feeling uneasy, edgy or tense (and sometimes you might not be able to explain why) 

  • Avoiding people, places and activities because of anxiety 

  • Heavy, shallow or fast breathing 

  • Fast heart rate 

  • Sleeping and eating troubles 


There are also different types of anxiety:



If you're feeling this way, I want to acknowledge how tough it is to cope with symptoms on top of daily life. It can feel like an uphill battle, but we're here with hopeful news because there are many effective ways to deal with anxiety. 


The face-to-face and digital mental health resources below only cover professional support - all types of support have a part to play. Anxiety recovery has many facets, like feeling connected to others and having purposeful activities aligned with your interests and values.  


Face to face mental health support

Scroll to read about mental health care plans, different kinds of therapy and search engines for professionals.

Face to face support by Bre-RO

Digital mental health support 

Scroll to read about where to find digital mental health services.

Digital support by Bre-RO


Stay tuned for more


  • We'll regularly update this thread with new information

  • Our builders will lead discussions and share suggestions

  • Mental health professionals will share information with us about diagnosis, therapy and medication. 



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