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Cyberbullying on Social Media

Hi everyone 👋🏻


I don't know about you, but my TikTok fyp has been full of the recent situation between Doja Cat and Noah Schnapp this weekend! It seems like every other week there's some kind of internet drama between celebrities. Social media makes it so easy for us to connect with people, and can end up in boundaries being ignored, blurred or forgotten. It also makes it super easy to react, live, in front of lots of people, before taking time to step back and figure out the best way to deal with situations. Regardless, it's not ok to bully anyone, especially when the age dynamic isn't balanced.


So what exactly is cyberbullying? It happens to 1 in 5 young Australians and is all forms of bullying that takes place online. Whether it's a troll leaving nasty comments on your Instagram post, someone making a TikTok that makes fun of you, a bully creating a fake Facebook profile and pretending it's you, or a stranger sending you snaps on Snapchat that make you uncomfortable - it is really distressing to experience. It can be particularly hard to deal with because potentially lots of people can view it, others tend to jump on the bandwagon and join in, and it's difficult to have control over.


Ashleigh shares her cyberbullying story here and there are some great strategies on how to deal with cyberbullying here. How would you deal with cyberbullying if it happened to you? If you saw a friend getting bullied online, how would you help them?


Would love to hear your thoughts, experiences and questions below! 💛

Who rated this post