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Feelings about Father's Day

Father's Day is coming up and although it can be a fun day to spend with the dads in our lives, for some it can be a difficult time. You might find that Father's Day is upsetting if your dad has passed away, if he's someone you don't have contact with, or if your relationship is a complicated one. And although your socials might be filled with happy families, we want you to know you're not alone if you find this day tough to navigate. Here's some tips on how to look after yourself on Sunday, but we encourage you to share your own in the comments below too!


  • Take some time out from social media over the weekend. Although it's great knowing other people are enjoying the day, seeing others with their families all at once can be overwhelming & triggering. Try doing something creative instead - compose a song, take some photos, write a poem or do some sketching.


  • Spend some time with your friends. Families come in all shapes and forms, so hanging out with your chosen family is just as valid and is a great way to connect with people that care about you.


  • Have a go at writing down how you're feeling. Sometimes it can feel better to get it all out on paper or type it out in your notes. Doing this can help understand and recognise what is going on for you, untangle all your thoughts, and figure out what your next steps are.


  • Organise an appointment to chat things over with your therapist, they will be able to work with you to explore how you're feeling in a supportive and safe space.


  • Reach out to other supports. Whether that's here on the forums, contacting Lifeline if you need immediate help, or checking out other services like 1800RESPECT or Mensline - we're all here for you.


Who rated this post