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Hey @Samm


Firstly, I also want to say thank you for posting here and being brave enough to share all of that about yourself. 


I think the others have said a lot that I would say, but I do want to repeat that you are not a burden. You are not pathetic or a coward.


These are the things I think you are:

You're someone who's willing to acknowledge the problems you've been dealing with. You're someone who's determined enough to want to get help. You're someone who's brave enough to share your vulnerabilities with others. You're someone who's kind and really appreciative of the things others do for you.


You're only human just like the rest of us! You're trying your best in the circumstances that you're in, you're searching for life purpose and human connection. Something that's a difficult task for sure. 


I really hope the forums have so far, been a good place for you to vent, or have a rant, or share things you wouldn't share with others. 


Now to change the pace a bit, let's focus on just having a chat. The forums can be a place of support, but also a great way to feel connected to others. Maybe a couple of us on the forums can keep a casual conversation going!


Here's some things about me

- I also love games. I've played minecraft, league, cyberpunk, witcher 3, but also other games like stardew valley and it takes two with my girlfriend. I've been really busy lately so I haven't been able to play as much but I do enjoy it when I get the chance. 

- My favourite colour's steel blue

- My favourite food is quesadillas because you can choose and change up what you want to put in it

- My favourite place to be is at the movies. I love films!

- Something I've always wanted to do but haven't gotten to yet is go camping with friends. 


Here are some questions I have for you

- What games have you played the most? 

- What's your favourite colour?

- What's your favourite food and why? 

- Where is your favourite place to be and why? 

- What is something you've always wanted to do for fun but haven't yet done? Or a hobby that you've been wanting to try out?


I hope you're doing ok today 


Who rated this post