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Hey @Samm


I'm so sorry that you've been going through so much. It must feel quite overwhelming to deal with extreme emotions.


I just want to say too that from what I can see in your post and responses to others, you're a kind-hearted person who feels grateful for any support and makes sure to show it and express it. 


I can understand that feeling depressed can make it extremely difficult to do even the simplest of things like get out of bed. Something that I've seen that can help, is to write down small goals to complete daily. But go into it with the mindset that, it's ok to not do it or have all of it done because your body needs and wants rest sometimes and that's ok. When you do manage to tick off the small goals, which may get bigger in number in what you achieve for the day over time and practice, you can have a feeling of accomplishment and know that you've done your best to look after yourself. 


The goals can be things like getting out of bed, brushing your teeth, taking a shower, eating breakfast, journalling etc.


Slowly but surely, it can help you achieve little things, which can then turn into bigger things, and bring you back on the right track. 


Don't be hard on yourself 💙 You're doing the absolute best that you can. You're so strong. It's a difficult journey, but please know you have support along the way. You're not alone. 


On that note, I'd love to tell you things about me too. Human interaction is so important and I think that everyone needs a friendly chat. Thanks @Anzelmo for starting a conversation!


- I'm not a huge gamer but send me some suggestions! I love learning new things and taking up new hobbies.

- My favourite colour is purple

- My favourite food is sushi! I love all types of sushi because it feels fresh, tastes delicious and it doesn't make me feel too groggy after eating it

- My favourite place to be has got to be the beach! I loveee hearing crashing waves and swimming in the ocean. Getting some sun is always great 🌞

- Something I want to do more of, is cooking and baking! I love doing it because it feels kinda therapeutic for me in a way. 


Who rated this post