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How to deal with disturbing videos

Hi all, 


How's everyone feeling? It's been a tough year right? It feels like every other day there is a really distressing event happening somewhere in the world, and it's a lot for us all to deal with. With our unlimited access to social media, we see more information about these events than ever before. Which can make it really difficult to shut off from.


There are unfortunately also instances where social media goes beyond just sharing information about these events. Sometimes we see disturbing videos popping up on our feeds, most of the time with no warning. This can be really distressing and triggering. So what do we do to look after ourselves if that happens?


  • Take a break. Step away from your screen and take a moment to feel grounded. You can do this by taking in and naming your surroundings, giving your pet some cuddles and focusing on their texture, or maybe lighting your favourite scented candle and enjoying it's smell.


  • Practice self-care. Write in your journal, get outside in nature, play some calming music or make some yummy food - whatever it is that makes you feel better when you're feeling down.


  • Start a conversation. Whether it's a friend, family member or teacher. Let them know how you're feeling, and if there's anything specific they can do to support you.


  • Get support. Make an appointment to chat to your counsellor or psychologist. Or if you don't have one of these yet, book an appointment with your GP to get started (more info on how to do that here).


  • Connect to community. Organise a craft night with friends, play one of the games in the forums, book a PeerChat session, or check out this article for some more suggestions.


Is there anything else that you do that helps in this situation? We'd love to add to the list! Add your own suggestions below 😊



Who rated this post