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Healthy Relationship Role Models

I Love You Smile GIF by Alice Socal

Figuring out what makes a healthy relationship isn't always as simple as it may seem. Whether you're feeling a bit lost in your first relationship, or confused after previous relationships didn't go to plan, you're not alone! Being in love is an amazing feeling and one that should be enjoyed, but sometimes it can blur our boundaries or fog our judgements a bit. It's important to find that balance of feeling loved by someone else, whilst still having space to make sure you're loving yourself too 💖


But what does a healthy relationship actually look like? There are no perfect relationships, and most will have their ups and downs, compromises and disagreements. But here are some key aspects that are part of the foundation for all healthy relationships. 


💗 Safety

🙌 Respect


🤗 Care

💬 Open Communication

🤓 Authenticity 

🌈 Freedom

😍 Fun!


With these in mind, who are some couples you've seen in TV shows, movies, social media or in your own life that have shown they are in a healthy relationship? If it's difficult to think of one that is healthy all the time (most media tends to focus on the drama and more unhealthy parts of relationships!) is there a specific moment or scene that you think shows one or more of the above really well? We'd love to see your examples in the comments below! GIFs also encouraged!


Here are a few examples to get you started : 


Nick & Charlie (Heartstopper) 💙




Shrek & Fiona (Shrek) 💚




Carl & Ellie (Up) 💜




(If you'd like to learn more about how to build a healthy relationship, have a read here. And if you are worried that your relationship is showing signs of being unhealthy, you can find support at 1800RESPECT 💗)

Who rated this post