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Ask A Pro Live: Emotions

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For this month's Ask A Pro we are super lucky to have Dr Joe joining us again to talk about all things emotions. Feelings underpin so much of how we experience life, how we deal with challenges and what we think about ourselves. 


That’s why we think it’s a super important topic to chat about! To get everyone thinking about what kinds of questions we can ask, have a look below at the emotion’s wheel. Some of you may have come across this before, if you haven't, it's a great tool that helps people describe and verbalise emotions. It isn't always easy to identify feelings, let alone know what to do with them, so this is a helpful starting point. 


Emotions Wheel.jpg


Dr Joe joined us earlier this year to chat about Life After Social Isolation - if you want to check that out click through here. For those of you who are just finding out about Dr Joe below is a little introduction: 


''Dr Joe is a psychologist who has worked for many years with young people in Australia doing face to face counselling.

He is passionate about the strengths of young people and working with them to get through tough times.

Though he ran with bulls for fun and nearly died in Spain, being European he has a very real and rational fear of sharks''


Please send through your questions using the google doc below 




Join us LIVE October 15th 7pm - 9pm AEDT

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Emotions

Ooh this is a cool topic!



@MB95  look they used one of those emotion wheels we always talk about!

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Emotions

Ooh~ Can someone please tag me when the live starts? I might not be able to make it, but I do wish to try!

Emotions are such an important topic, the questions we all have are rarely talked about enough. At least, in my opinion. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Emotions

Really interesting topic idea! Looking forward to it Smiley Very Happy

We had a live chat on Accessing Mental Health Support Online! Smiley Very Happy Check it out here! Heart

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Emotions

Ahh @Lost_Space_Explorer5 I love this wheel. Thank you for sharing it Smiley Happy 


@xXLexi_Lou122Xx I agree with you! Emotions are something we really could talk about more and it's something we should always talk about, as our emotions are always changing and deserve attention. 


@ecla34 I'll make sure I tag you on the night! 

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Emotions

Keen to be part of this! Even if I can't think of any questions just yet Smiley Very Happy

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Emotions

Looking forward to the chat this eve folks!

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Emotions

Go Live Big Cat GIF by NETFLIX


Super keen to chat with you all in half an hour!! Just tagging people who have shown interest and everyone who is online. See you all at 7pm!


@StormySeas17 @ecla34 @xXLexi_Lou122Xx @Lost_Space_Explorer5 @WheresMySquishy @lokifish @Okay82822828 @jamijam @November13 @mol1912 @Clementine75 




Re: Ask A Pro Live: Emotions

great to be here again - The covid-19 chat was awesome - and covid has really affected our emotions - but human emotions will still be here when covid is a thing of the past - and that's a good thing.

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Emotions

welcome back GIF


Already dropping wisdom bombs @GuestPsychologist! This is why we love having you on the forum and you are so right. One day covid will be a distant memory but emotions will always be something we experience, which is why tonight's chat is super important! Can't wait to get stuck into these questions Smiley Happy