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Re: Adult colouring books ?

We need to get this thread running again! Has anyone done any colouring lately?

It's one of my regular self-care activites Smiley Happy

Here are some of my recent ones


unnamed (1).jpg

unnamed (2).jpg


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Re: Adult colouring books ?

The cat is so pretty @Bee!!!! Cat Happy (and the others too!)

Re: Adult colouring books ?

@Bee I love the cat one! Very cool.


I love that there's a thread for adult colouring! I have a copy of Secret Garden by Johanna Basford but have not coloured very much. I think I'm put off by how ugly mine turn out Smiley Frustrated. Perhaps I'm more suited to the less intricate Mindfulness colouring books!

Re: Adult colouring books ?

@Bee those look awesome! Totally need to get back into doing some in the copy of the Mindfullness Colouring Book I have now that you've reminded me Smiley Very Happy

Re: Adult colouring books ?

@Bee aaaaahhh so pretty! I don't know if I ever posted my octopus... probably not but I should really get back into doing them. I kind of stopped because I got sad that I lost my red pen Smiley Sad Anyways, maybe I'll do some tomorrow.

Re: Adult colouring books ?

@DuidChild @pepperminpeony @Chessca_H @N1ghtW1ng Thank you all! I do love me some colouring it Smiley Very Happy I'll have to take some more pictures and post some more Smiley Very Happy


Peppermintpeony please don't be put off by how they turn out! Sometimes mine look like scribble too, which is what I love about it, because those are the times when I find I needed the exercise the most Smiley Tongue I'll have to upload some of my first ones for you, some are messy af lol


Remember everyone has their strengths, I personally like a mixture Smiley Happy

Has anyone done any colouring recently?


This one I just finished last night or today, I can't remember lol

Excuse the the glare, it's in my display book when I took the photo


Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Adult colouring books ?


I love adult colouring books! 

I recently purchased the Women of Marvel one and it is awesome!! 

Smiley Very Happy

Re: Adult colouring books ?

I've found very helpful colouring app if you want on Google Play - Colouring for adults app

Check it out and enjoy of colouring ppl Smiley Happy

Re: Adult colouring books ?

This is a really cool thread! I love adult colouring books! I have a Harry Potter one and a Parisian one, and I'm hoping to add to my collection soon! 

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Re: Adult colouring books ?

There is an Avatar the Last Airbender one I've heard (@redhead) and I sooo want it!