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Stimming is short for self-stimulatory behavior. Everyone does it, but it's especially common in autistic people and people with ADHD. 

It includes hand flapping, spinning and staring at shiny things.

Here is a thread for the appreciation of stimming and sharing of stimming ideas!

Re: Stimming

I'll get the ball rolling by talking about chewellry!


A lot of people chew on things to help self regulate, including clothes, pencils/ pens and other stuff that should not be chewed on. Fortunately, these things exist;


They're made of food safe silicon, and are so much fun to chew! You can get jewelry, pencil toppers and other cool stuff, in pretty much any shape and colour you can think of!!

Re: Stimming

When I get on my computer, prepare for some stimming infodumping! Smiley Very Happy

Thanks for creating this thread @Tiny_leaf!

Re: Stimming

@N1ghtW1ng I can't wait! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Stimming

@Tiny_leaf I only just heard of this the other day, my friend at work does this by chewing on little plastic bugs/chewing all their legs off. I know that a lot of people use fidget spinners and those little cubes with all the sides having different clickers/spinners etc - are these resources to engage in stimming behaviour?


Sorry if this is wrong, I don't know a lot about this but I am very interested to learn more!

Re: Stimming

@lennycat2017 yep!!

Fidget spinners and fidget cubes were designed for stimming/ fidgeting. Some of the fidget cubes look like so much fun!!

Re: Stimming

This is really cool. I know there are some kids at a school I used to work at who had stuff like this. It was a comfort item too and really helped. 



Re: Stimming

I have some chewellery!
I have strong Autism traits, but haven't been diagnosed. I don't wanna be, so I probably never will.

I have a Pencil Topper, that's pink and looks like a chess piece. I haven't used it for a while, but I'll probably get into it again soon!
Maybe if my mum gets me a necklace to chew on, I'll find it easy to stop chewing on my pens and pencils.

You should have see one of my pens last year... I chewed the entire end of it out of shape............

Re: Stimming

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx I am a guilty pen chewer! I used to chew the rubber out of the end of pencils in school! 


Thanks so much for sharing how you use stimming! 

Re: Stimming

All good @lennycat2017!

I have this weird sensory problem, which I think is linked to the way I stim...

I don't have pencils with erasers, but I always chew the end and the middle. Obviously not the lead part....