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Weekly Wellbeing: Self-Care at Home

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If you’ve been trying to make sense of how you’ll stay well, whilst also following the government's advice to stay indoors as much as possible, you are not alone. Most people are scratching their heads wondering how to cover off on their usual self care.


Many of you may have seen the Wheel of Wellbeing that RO uses as a guide to self-care. The wheel is broken up into 5 segments, so we’re going to make a list of ways you can tick all your well being boxes in the comfort of your home.


Remember in the coming weeks ReachOut is here for you to chat through the tough times or stay connected with games and fun - together we will get through this Heart 



  • Do some stretching when you wake in the morning before you look at your phone or start the day. If it’s your thing there are plenty of yoga apps and YouTube channels that can help you keep up your practise. Virtual fitness classes here 
  • Get cooking - think of your favourite meal and try to make it or come up with your own recipe. 
  • Drink lots of water! 
  • Nap
  • Pamper yourself - make a face mask or do something different with you hair. 
  • Get some sunshine 
  • Dance! Put on your favourite music and dance like nobody's watching. Or you can take a virtual class with Groove Therapy 


  • Create your own blog - there are heaps of free platforms you can use. Write a story, share your views on something. The possibilities are endless.
  • Take a free online course. You can take online courses from the world's leading universities here on FutureLearn free for 14 days. Havard offer completely free courses here 
  • YouTube is a wealth of knowledge, it’s pretty incredible that learning something new is just a few clicks away. 
  • Read that book you’ve been trying to get through or listen to one on Audible 
  • Play games - whether it’s online or board games/puzzles. 
  • Binge listen to a great podcast. Check out our Weekly Wellbeing for ideas here. 
  • Start an Arts/Crafts project



  • Call/Text your friends and family and see how they’re coping at the moment. Share some well being ideas with them. 
  • Donate to an important cause close to your heart. 
  • Give to your local food bank
  • Check in with neighbours by leaving a letter in their mailbox. See more about how to with the #viralkindness campaign here



  • Stay in touch by video call! Do a video chat with your group chat, use Google hangouts to study with your uni friends/share documents. 
  • Be part of the Social Distancing Festival here 
  • Take a look at the long list of Live Virtual concerts happening here 
  • Check out this article on how to experience virtual live music here 
  • Watch a movie with friends, join someones channel, watch live games on Twitch here 
  • Send a story to Humans of New York for their Quarantine series


  • Even though you’re in doors, surprisingly you can still explore the world. 
  • Take a virtual tour of museums around the world here 
  • Go on a virtual field trip here - Maybe you can organise it with a group of friends and meet on a group chat while you do it. 
  • Practise Mindfulness
  • Spring clean - paint your room, clear out cupboards, rearrange the furniture. Get some inspo and watch Marie Kondo (if you haven't already) 



  • Remember that by staying indoors you’re doing a huge thing to help others and the healthcare system get on top of this situation. 
  • Use this as a time to take extra good care of your garden. Plant something new, propagate and harvest. 



Check out our article on 10 ways to take care of yourself during coronavirus 


We would love to hear how you go with one of these tips - or even better, share one of your own. 


Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Self-Care at Home

Love this so much @Bre-RO! Thank you for all these amazing ideas for wellbeing Smiley Happy 


I am going to take up the spring clean option this week to make my home environment more comfortable. I'll have to report back! 

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Self-Care at Home

@Bre-RO this is actually really useful for me and others who have to spend ages at home anyway.

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Self-Care at Home

Thanks @Jess1-RO Smiley Happy 


And @Tiny_leaf I totally agree - A few of my friends that are mainly at home do a lot of these things to stay well. 

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Self-Care at Home

So many great ideas!!! 

Thanks @Bre-RO 😍


My uni has just sent an email out saying we will be closing on Monday so these are certainly going to come in handy! I've been finding life hard atm in general so these will be such a nice distraction thankyou!!! 

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Self-Care at Home

great tips thanks! @Bre-RO
I also find arts and crafts quite helpful from scrapbooking, to crochet, making dreamcatchers or doing diamond art (you can purchase dreamcatcher and diamond art kits on the internet and have them delivered if preferred)
and also online studying!
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Self-Care at Home

This is an amazing thread! Smiley Happy

Here are some websites that might be helpful when you're stuck at home:
Librivox  - This has free public domain audiobooks.
Tubi - You can watch shows and movies for free here. It is supported by ads.
SBS on Demand 
ABC iView
Kanopy  - This can be available to you if you are a member of a participating library.

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Self-Care at Home

Thanks for this thread @Bre-RO xx

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Self-Care at Home

Great tips, thank you @Bre-RO!! I can't wait to get involved with some of these ideas!

Something I've been doing when I'm getting a little flat is chucking on a song with a good beat/a fave tune and having a solo dance party to really shake out the cobwebs! Smiley LOL

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Self-Care at Home

I absolutely love this thread! 


I've been really loving watching the various live streams that different musicians have been doing while they're in isolation at home, there's been FB lives from all sorts of people and it really lifts my spirits. 


I also went to Bunnings on the weekend and picked up two modular raised garden beds, a bunch of soil and some veggie seeds! I have been meaning to start a veggie garden for 2 years but never got around to it, so this felt like a great time to do that. We have a few mandarin trees and some herbs that keep getting eaten by possums but I'm super excited about getting proper garden beds started. I find gardening very therapeutic, even if we don't end up producing much!




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