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Re: 3 fears

Falling from heights - being on the ground of jumping on a trampoline is good enough for me, thank you!

Drowning/suffocating - I hate not being able to breathe. I can swim underwater, but I much prefer to be breathing air, instead of not breathing and worrying many many people because I suddenly stop breathing/suffocation from something.

Anything flying at me, or a sudden movement in front of me, I will jump out of my skin!

Being found alone, when I've had an episode, especially because I always worry so many people when it happens. I've nearly always been found on the floor, out cold though...

@YungFury_ I completely agree with jump scares, and yet so many people decide to jump out at me... Smiley Indifferent

Re: 3 fears

I was going to comment, but you've basically written out the exact same fears that I have. I'm still learning how to navigate through these fears myself in a healthy way, so I don't have much advice to give. All I'll say is that you are definitely not alone in feeling the way you do.

Re: 3 fears

Phewww great to be able to share! Mine are:

  1. Heights
  2. Having to be at a new place at a certain time and not knowing the dress code. This one is quite specific isn't it Woman Tongue
  3. Job interviews. Whose idea was it in the first place!!

Re: 3 fears

what a great thread! mine are:


1. dying: the thought of not existing anymore one day and the process of realising that during death really scares me Smiley Sad

2. spiders: the baby ones and the daddy long legs aren't so bad, but if I see anything big and hairy in my house, I think it'll be time to move out lol...

3: throwing up: a bit of an unusual one, but I'm terrified of people seeing me throw up, especially if it's in a non-socially acceptable place

Re: 3 fears

1. same as @clarii3105 I have a very irrational fear of throwing up

2. having a car accident

3. losing my memories/knowledge/abilities (especially as I grow up)

Re: 3 fears

1) Heights - I am absolutely terrified of falling. 

2) I have trypophobia - seeing so many tiny holes just makes me feel so uncomfortable. 

3) Clowns - they look horrifying to me so halloween isn't exactly my favourite time of the year Smiley Tongue