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Re: 5 ways to...

5 ways to distract yourself from unhappy thoughts

- Watch a DVD

- Have a massage

- Call your Psych

- Have a bubble bath

- Walk along the beach


5 ways to analyze survey results



Re: 5 ways to...

5 ways to analyze survey results


1) Get an analysing program e.g. SPSS

2) read up on some statistics and see how significance is calculated

3) put them in graphs so it easier to see the differences (excel will do)

4) do mind maps, connecting ideas

5) draw some points together and sum it up


5 ways to stay warm during a cold summer

Re: 5 ways to...

5 ways to stay warm during a cold summer
- Go to places where there are heaps of people
- Hot showers
- Jumpers
- Electric blankets
- Eat heaps of soup
5 ways to get the most out of a psych appt?

Re: 5 ways to...

5 ways to get the most out of a psych appointment.


1. Write down some ideas about what you want to talk about before the session.


2. Make sure you leave with something actionable i.e. I will go to school tomorrow.


3. Listen non-judgementally to what your psych suggests.


4. Take some notes if you need.


5. Always be open and honest!



5 ways to overcome suffering

Re: 5 ways to...

5 ways to overcome suffering

1) Distract yourself from the ache with reading, singing to a song, calling up a friend

2) Speak to a trusted person like a psychologist or a doctor

3) Stay strong and stay positive with +ve self talk like "I can do this" or "The pain will leave soon"

4) Look after yourself. Eat, drink and sleep. Don't make the suffering worst with decreased physical health

5) Call up Kids Help Line 1800 55 1800


* Just a note guys, please try and keep '5 ways too...' constructive and positive. Ask questions that are general and open so everyone can have a turn answering. Thanks!


5 ways to spend this Christmas break

Re: 5 ways to...

5 ways to spend the Christmas break

1. Call up some old friends and organize to catch up with them

2. Spend time with family

3. Go on a spontaneous roadtrip somewhere

4. Have a BBQ (or a couple) down at the beach, park etc.

5. Go on lots of shopping trips and find some bargains


5 ways to deal with homesickness

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: 5 ways to...

5 ways to deal with homesickness

1) Stick a picture of home on the wall

2) Call up home and talk for hours with someone you know that is still living there

3) Focus on the present and plan a trip back home for the holidays

4) Connect with other people who is living in the same city that also came from your hometown 

5) Look up at the sky at night and watch the stars. The same stars that is shining down on you also shine on your hometown, really you aren't that far from home!


5 ways to stay entertained on the RO forums

Re: 5 ways to...

  1. Play games
  2. Check out who's given you a high five recently
  3.  Ask for some help on an issue you're facing
  4.  Give someone else a high five
  5.  Participate in a CC, a GR session or an Infobus...


5 ways to find help on

Re: 5 ways to...

5 ways to find help on


1. Begin a thread talking about what's wrong.

2. Search for relevant stories.

3. Search for relevant discussions/threads.

4. Use the emergency help page.

5. Try out some of the self-help threads eg. turning negatives into positives, three positives of today.


5 ways to wake up on time.

Re: 5 ways to...

Ooo i haven't seen this game before

1) Alarm clock with annoying music that is positioned away from the bed so you're forced to get up
2) Roosters
3) Have mum wake you up Smiley Happy
4) Get into a rhythm...go to sleep at the same time every night
5) Get enough sleep the night before


5 ways to meet new people...