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Re: Emotion game



1. Tastes like coke as a little kid ("how do grown ups like this taste?")

2. Smells like strong perfume

3. Looks like dilated pupils

4. Feels like someone smacking you in the face

5. Sounds like a person gasping


Next emotion: Jealousy

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: Emotion game



1. Tastes bitter

2. Smells like very strong perfume

3. Looks like a postcard from Hawaii delivered to my wprk desk

4. Feels gritty and rough

5. Sounds like hissing


Next emotion is amusement


Re: Emotion game


1. Tastes like rotten eggs
2. Smells like rotten eggs
3. Looks like the colour green
4. Feels like a fire in your stomach
5. Sounds like a dog growling

Next emotion: Sadness

Re: Emotion game

Whoops, looks like we doubled up... Sorry, just ignore mine Smiley Happy

Re: Emotion game

Hmm interesting game Smiley Happy I will do both... 



1. Tastes like a sour lollie 

2. Smells like a flower 

3. Looks like a card that when u open it, sings or giggles kekeke 

4. Feels like a tickle 

5. Sounds like babies laughing Smiley Happy 



1. Tastes like uncooked veges

2. Smells like smoke 

3. Looks blue 

4. Feels cold 

5. Sounds like someone crying Smiley Sad


Next emotion: Joy

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: Emotion game



1. Tastes like boiled lollies

2. Smells like cookies baking in an oven

3. Looks like a christmas tree lit up

4. Feels like cuddling a baby

5. Sounds like christmas carols


Next emotion is guilt


Re: Emotion game


Tastes like a giant piece of chocolate cake

Smells like sweat (?)

Looks like a ball made of cement

Feels like knotted insides

Sounds like amplified talk


Next emotion iiiss Friendship


Re: Emotion game

Tastes like.....prunes
Smells like.... Lavender
Looks like..... a clown
Feels like a spinning top

Next: rembarrassment

Re: Emotion game

Smiley EmbarassedEmbarrassment


1. Tastes dry

2. Smells like tar

3. Looks like a room full of laughing people

4. Feels hot and sweaty

5. Sounds like sniggers


Next emotion is: anxious


Re: Emotion game

Oops! Smiley Tongue


Tastes metalic

Smells like dog poo

Looks like white fluff

Sounds like nails scraping on a blackboard

Feels like ants crawling over skin


Next: contentment