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TW: Crime - ReachOut Investigates: Crime Edition

Hey Everyone!

(RIP the lame thread title Smiley LOL)

So, I'm a true crime, murder mystery fanatic. 

I find it all so intriguing! I love trying to piece together cold cases or theorize or WHATEVER! For some reason, it doesn't scare me as much as it used to (Probably because I skip over all the gory details when I am reading about a murder). 

My favourite YouTube channel to watch is Bella Fiori, solely for the crime Smiley Happy She's very passionate and doesn't go into much detail about how they died etc.


Anyway, I thought we could make this thread and have a discussion every few weeks about a case and yeah, just have a chat, what your suspicions are etc. I'll link the full story every time and you can read it if you like Smiley Happy

So, If your interested, let me know Smiley Happy I have a good idea for the first case, everyone here should know it and it's probably the most upsetting case to me because it happened only 5 years ago here in Australia, William Tyrell Smiley Sad 


I thought we should put in some rules though just for the safety and well being of other members who may be triggered by reading this stuff.

1. When discussing a case, don't go into the gory details. e.g If they were killed 'Their cause of death was asphyxiation' is cool I think but not in depth analysis of there death. 

2. Yeah, no more rules I can't think of any bahaha Smiley Happy

Get me some more rules guys! We need to look sophisticated!


Also, feel free to recommend any crimes that you are intrigued by, here are some of my favorites (well not favourites - the most interesting!) are:

  • JonBenet Ramsey: JonBenet was killed in like late 1990's on either Christmas Night/Boxing Day Morning.She was 6 years old and in the pageant system. She lived in Boulder, Colarado, America. It was the brother!!! This one was soooo suss! I firmly believe it was Burke and the parents tried to cover it up! Wow I sound like a dork Smiley Wink Probably the most interesting case for me. Check out the SBS documentary about it, OMG the weirdness is overwhelming!


  • The Sodder Children - Like half a dozen kids from one family disappeared during a house fire. They couldn't have perished because no bones were found and the fir wasn't hot enough to disintegrate them. Multiple reports say they saw kids matching the children's description peering out of the window of a passing van as the fire was occurring. This was an American case in a town called Fayetteville. This one has SO many loose ends, it's a really old case but it's so fascinating, I was pouring over it for hours!


  • The Beaumont Children - Jane, Aarna and Grant Beaumont were 'kidnapped' in I think the 1960's? No trace of them was ever discovered. They were going to the beach that day by themselves (not unusual at that time for such young children). Jane was last seen entering a bakery and buying something with a pound note, there mother never gave them a pound note. She and her siblings left with a tall man and they were never seen again. Unfortunately this case just doesn't seem to close, I wish they would find out what happened just so the family got closure Smiley Sad 


  • Madeline McCann - She was I think 3-4 and her family was on a holiday in Portugal. Her parents left her and her younger twin brothers sleeping in there hotel room and went next door to a bar. They had view of the room from there but obviously not inside or around the patio. The parents did routinely checks on the kids and on one of them, the discovered Maddie was gone. Many reports were that a man was carrying a sleeping child in pink PJ's that possibly could be Maddie but the man was never identified. Speculation is that the parents murdered Maddie and covered it up but I don't know what to believe, I don't think her parents would've payed 11 million dollars to raise money for there daughters search if they knew where she was. So sad though Smiley Sad


  • William Tyrell - An 3yr old Australian boy who disappeared in 2014 from his Grandmother's backyard. Him and his sister were playing hide and seek and his parents and grandma went inside for a minute (literally) they came back out and when they realised after a bit that te sis hadn't found him in their game, they started to get worried. They checked the perimeter to avail. They called emergency services and so began one of the biggest searches in Australian history. No one's seen him since. He would be 7, he's been missing for longer then he's been alive Smiley Sad there's no way he just wandered off and they never found him, he had to be abducted! I don't reckon his bio parents had anything to do with it though. Their were a lot of weirdos around that area at the time though. I don't know, I really hope he's alive but I think the chances are pretty slim. Such a sad case Smiley Sad


  • Azaria Chamberlain - ' The infamous 'dingo got my baby' child Smiley Sad 1 yr old Azaria and her parents were in outback Australia when one night she was discovered missing. I don't know as much about this case, there was barely any evidence. I know this case is closed and they announced that a dingo stole her once they found her dress in a cave but there's something about her parents that was just... i don't know... off.... 

So, yeah! That turned into a lot. If your interested in any of them I can give you some links. I really recommend you check them out if your into this kind of thing, every single one of them are so strange and detailed. It really gets you thinking. I love talking about this kinda thing Smiley Happy 

Very Sorry If this is a total BORE as well bahahaha... Smiley LOL

Re: ReachOut Investigates: Crime Edition

@litgym @nyke @Bananatime04

Here we are Smiley Happy

Re: ReachOut Investigates: Crime Edition

oooo i remember the JonBenet or whatever her name is !!! love the effort you put in this thread Smiley Happy

Re: ReachOut Investigates: Crime Edition

Hehe, Thank you <3 @litgym
It was super fun for a Geek like me, it kinda tested my memory skills hahaha

Re: TW: Crime - ReachOut Investigates: Crime Edition

Hey everyone! I have just added a TW to the title, just to be safe.. I have also moved it to the games area as well Heart


Re: TW: Crime - ReachOut Investigates: Crime Edition

Wow you’ve done your research 😂. I am aware of the William tyrell one but I haven’t heard any of the other ones. Pretty interesting tho! Love the idea @annabethxchase!

Re: TW: Crime - ReachOut Investigates: Crime Edition

Yeah I thought about that @Taylor-RO Thank you Smiley Happy
Haha @Bananatime04, lots of documentaries and reading but I loved it bahaha Smiley Happy

Re: TW: Crime - ReachOut Investigates: Crime Edition

What’s your favourite one?

Re: TW: Crime - ReachOut Investigates: Crime Edition

Hmm, I would say to research JonBenet and The Sodder Children though I did watch an 8 hour live stream of the excavation directed by the police to try and find the beaumont children (woo i sound so obsessed!) Maddie McCann was very intriguing though I loved looking through them all but its sad it isn't just fiction..

Re: TW: Crime - ReachOut Investigates: Crime Edition

Wow 8 hours! You are into this... a lot! It’s really cool actually