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Re: TW: Crime - ReachOut Investigates: Crime Edition

Yeah I said it was another one but it was one of the older ones. I’m sorry

Re: TW: Crime - ReachOut Investigates: Crime Edition

No problem @Bananatime04, no need to say sorry

Re: TW: Crime - ReachOut Investigates: Crime Edition

Ok! So, I finally punched all this writing out!

So our 1st case is William Tyrell's supposed abduction. I chose this one because as we are all Aussie, I thought that you'd all probably know a bit about it/heard of the case before Smiley Happy


So here's the story in case you don't know all the facts Smiley Happy (I've taken it upon myself to try and recall it all and then read over it and make sure everything is right Smiley Tongue )


So, William's parents took him and sister out of school early one day as a surprise to see there grandmother. The drive from where they were was about 4 hours and they got there I think mid afternoon. William's father left to go into town to make a phone call as there wasn't good cell reception where their Nan lived. Nanna and mum sat watching the children play hide and seek in the front yard facing the road. This photo was taken mere minutes before he disappeared and its the most well known photo of the young boy:




I don't know the exact times but William's grandmother went inside to make some tea or something and the mum soon followed. They were gone for literally ONE minute, and they came back and his sister was was still trying to find him. After a bit, the 2 adults realised that he'd been hidden for a while and got up to help find him. Nothing. They searched the entire property. Nothing. Thy alerted neighbors and called the police about 15 minutes after he was last seen.


I feel as though in a lot of these cases, the police do a shoddy job at something. Maybe they wait to long, the don't question, they don't search soon enough. But this case, the police were so on top of everything, they immediately launched a search party and questioned neighbors and family. 


Many of the neighbors reported seeing a dark SUV of some sort and another car (I've got the cars wrong I know it Smiley Wink, but the point is there were some suss cares driving slowly down the street and pulling up and all this weird stuff. There was a massive national park thing around the grandmothers house and police initially believe that he just wandered off. I personally am 99% sure that he didn't just 'wander off.' It's just weird that if he wandered off, the search parties ever found him or his body. I reckon he was abducted. There were also a bunch of weirdos living in the area at the time which just points even more to him being kidnapped. I also really don't think that Williams foster parents killed him, I'm almost positive on it - the only reason I'm not is because you can't trust anyone (MWAHAHA) but I really don't think they could've been involved in anyway. I also am not inclined to think the bio parents took him either. Dunno, just got this feeling it wasn't them... Smiley Sad To me though, I just hope that that poor little boy is either found alive or the family is given closure and him body is found.


That's basically it. You can read more about it on the Wikipedia page here. (Please edit this if I'm not meant to include the links - warning as well, the information may be triggering. I also tried to make this as non-triggering as possible but if it breaks the guidelines I'm sorry Smiley Sad )


Anyway, I think the thing that struck me the most about this case is that it really opened my eyes that stuff like this doesn't just happen in America, it happens in Australia and it's so frightening. The parents said in one of the interviews that "You always think your safe, No, that'll never happen to us, to him." But it does, and it's so shocking Smiley Sad

Re: TW: Crime - ReachOut Investigates: Crime Edition

Oh hey @Bee @Bananatime04 @unwind @Esperanza67 @nyke @Taylor-RO @litgym @Jess1-RO @gina-RO @scared01 @lokifish here's the first case if you are interested. No pressure though xx


Re: TW: Crime - ReachOut Investigates: Crime Edition

This is such a tricky case @annabethxchase and with lack of leads it's really hard for me to form a straight forward opinion on this subject. I agree with you that this incident really is frightening. I hope the family (and the public) find some closure soon.

Hope is just around the corner; you think it's not there when you first look straight ahead, but it actually is when you turn around

Re: TW: Crime - ReachOut Investigates: Crime Edition

Yeah @Esperanza Smiley Sad Agreed

Re: TW: Crime - ReachOut Investigates: Crime Edition

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone had any suggestions?

@unwind @nyke @litgym @Esperanza67 @Bananatime04?

Re: TW: Crime - ReachOut Investigates: Crime Edition

waittt for other murder cases or the one we are studying now ? @annabethxchase

Re: TW: Crime - ReachOut Investigates: Crime Edition

bahaha that wasn't very clear, i meant any suggestions for other cases Smiley Happy but feel free to talk about the current one

Re: TW: Crime - ReachOut Investigates: Crime Edition

yeah that’s what i thought and then i was like waitttt maybe she means something else haha ! @annabethxchase 


uh honestly i don’t know any other cases besides the ones you wrote in the first post and unless you mean we choose from there haha ?