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A space to try out new pronouns

Hiya everyone! Been really questioning my pronouns lately (gender is confusing!!!) and I thought it would be nice to start a thread where people can try out new pronouns and see how they feel about it.


I've been trying she/they with some online LGBT friends, with many of them using they/them pronouns, any pronouns, he/they, etc. This helped me a lot as it made using new pronouns more normalised, as it should be!


So yeah, if you wanna try out new pronouns then reply to this thread, and we can all talk to each other using them to see if it fits. There are websites that do this same kind of thing, one I know is called the Pronoun Dressing Room: (you can type in your name and pronouns you want to try and it generates a story using them).

Re: A space to try out new pronouns

This is a great idea! Right now I am comfortable with my pronouns but at times I do feel weird about my gender and I really hope more people will feel comfortable to share here.

Re: A space to try out new pronouns

What a great idea @jammanu!
Thanks for making this thread and sharing that link. Smiley Happy