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Animal Crossing Fans

Hi everyone,

Who else loves Animal Crossing? Come and discuss it here Smiley Happy


Feel free to share screenshots from your town/island and your own designs!

Re: Animal Crossing Fans

I know @Andrea-RO does Smiley Happy Discuss away!

Re: Animal Crossing Fans

I've been having a blast so far with animal crossing! It's super great and relaxing to play!

Re: Animal Crossing Fans

My sister and I have been marathoning New Horizons! I think that playing it together on the same Switch has been both a blessing and a curse. We didn't really have this dimension in New Leaf because there could only be one mayor per town and the mayor was in charge of particular things.

To make things easier, we've decided to make a kanban board so that we can see which projects we are each working on and what each other has done. I think this could be a good idea if multiple members of a household are on the same island.
Some tools you can do this with are Trello and Kanbanflow.

Re: Animal Crossing Fans

Oh man I love Animal Crossing!! I swear I've spent the last two days planning all my stuff for it!

My housemate and I also share an island as well, so I think the project delegation is such a great idea! I may have done a few too many of the island tasks myself in my excitement, so we spent a lot of last night playing multiplayer to catch her up! 

These are our Islanders Smiley Happy))


Re: Animal Crossing Fans

@WheresMySquishy  Yay thanks for creating the thread! Can't wait to see where this goes! Ugh I so want to buy the game and a Switch now so badly ughhh I can't stand it!


Re: Animal Crossing Fans

Ahhhhh @WheresMySquishy  thank you so much for starting this thread!! I haven't had a chance to play with it yet, but my husband came home on Friday with Animal crossing and informs me he's built an island that we are sharing or something?? I have no idea what I'm doing with it but I think it will be a really great way to de-stress so I will be following this thread closely! 


We also have Ring Fit for the Switch which is heaps of fun, and a surprisingly good workout lol. Confused the hell out of my cats too Smiley Wink  The battles are actually really satisfying!! 


Image result for nintendo ring fit gif


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Re: Animal Crossing Fans

@Andrea-RO  I love you and your housemate's islanders! We keep getting stung by wasps trying to get resources too.

@Janine-RO  That's so exciting! You'll quickly get the hang of it. It's such a relaxing and chill game!

I'm really loving the frequency of events in this particular Animal Crossing. There seems to be something new every day. If you're playing with other people, they can each do Gulliver's task when they are the leader (I've found that it doesn't work properly if you aren't the leader, which was a bit annoying). Wisp disappears after his task is complete, but he's appeared multiple times in the same night for us, so we've both been able to do it. You can also hold a ceremony for each player when something new is opened so the other players don't have to miss out if they're not there at the time.

Today was a big day for us since our museum opened and another villager moved in! We finished all the housing works yesterday by working together to complete the recipes. I didn't realise this at the time, but the second player can buy the necessary recipes from the shop and complete them. I felt really silly having to constantly switch who the leader was because my sister had the recipes while I had the materials. D'oh!

Re: Animal Crossing Fans

Ahhh I was waiting to see if you'd create this thread @WheresMySquishy, or if I'd have to make it. Smiley LOL Can't believe it's been up since Monday, oops!

I love Animal Crossing so much! I was worried for a bit since my Switch arrived a few days late (I preordered the AC switch!), but I got it on Monday and I love it! I almost don't want to progress sometimes while playing because I just love taking things slow for a little bit. 

My icon here has been Celeste for a while, but I think Flick is probably my new favourite special character, haha. I haven't even met him yet, but he's so cool! I also love the new villager cat, Raymond! Who's everyone's favourite villagers? I have had a soft spot for Eugene since he moved next door to my New Leaf house years ago, haha. On my island I started with Cherry and Sterling, and I'm pretty happy about that! Heart

I love how it's connecting people during this turbulent time! I've seen so many people playing that have -- even people you'd probably least expect, like my brother's tradie friends haha. It's just so nice to chill out! This tweet is very relevant: Smiley Tongue

(also I love the gif @Tay100, that was my exact mood before my Switch came in the mail hahaha) 

Re: Animal Crossing Fans

I'm so glad you're enjoying the game @Hozzles! Smiley Happy

Our villagers at the moment are Jitters, Fuchsia (who we started with), Pinky, Marcie and Prince. It's crazy how we have three pink villagers!
I love Prince. He's such a sweetheart. He mails me presents, gives me gifts and compliments me on my clothing. Fuchsia gave me a lot of random gifts too.
I've often disliked certain villagers in other Animal Crossing games (*cough cough* Mathilda why did you keep deciding that my roof needed repainting?) but I haven't had any beef with the New Horizons villagers. Today, we unlocked an option to try to force villagers to move out, which was interesting but I'd feel bad using it.
Celeste visited our town a few nights ago when there was a meteor shower! She gave us a recipe, but we haven't made it yet. So keep an eye out for her! Smiley Happy
I think Wisp is so cute. It's awesome that he's back because I didn't get to see him a lot in the GameCube version. He's visited us a few times.

I love that tweet! Smiley Happy

A tip for the Cast Master Nook Miles: I found it was much easier to achieve it in a quiet room, holding the controller up to my ear in docked mode and without looking at the screen, just listening out for the sounds. I was up to the 74th fish when my mum distracted me and I missed it. Smiley Sad I was so annoyed!