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I'm allowed to wear headphones at work and I've started listening to podcasts to keep my mind occupied/ease my anxiety.

Some that I've found educational/enjoyable are:


Welcome to Nightvale
TED Radio Hour (excerpts of different TED Talks about particular topics), and

The Anxiety Shut In Hour


Would you guys recommend any particular podcasts? Do you love/hate certain podcasts?


I'd love to hear your thoughts! Smiley Very Happy  

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Re: Podcasts

I need to listen to Welcome to Nightvale. I need to. It is a thing that must happen.


The only podcast I listen to on a regular basis is Dear Hank and John, with Hank and John Green (yes, the John Green) and it's really awesome and funny and thought provoking. It's a good mix of serious and hilarious which I like.


I have a question, what do you do when listening to podcasts? I can't read or write because that requires being focused on the one thing. Usually I do something like play a video game or draw a picture. Any thoughts?

Re: Podcasts

Ok @letitgo and @roseisnotaplant SERIUZ question that gets Bree-RO excited, who has listened to Limetown? 

It was super addictive and then they just haven't made a season two Smiley Sad


Thanks so much for starting this thread, I love learning about new podcasts and sharing the ones I am addicted to!


- Conversations w/ Richard Fidler

- Limetown

- Wilosophy

- Ted Radio Hour


Re: Podcasts

This is an awesome thread @letitgo!

I have been meaning to start watching podcasts since I noticed the app on my iPhone. 

Thanks for the list of everyone's favs! I must start watching some before I forget again! Cat LOL

Re: Podcasts

OMG OMG OMG OMG podcasts! I love podcasting when I'm doing other stuff, i listen while i ride in to work, in the shower, when I'm working out and i try to listen at work- although find myself tuning out because the work is too distracting Smiley Tongue


@letitgo I am also a huge fan of Welcome to Nightvale Smiley Happy


Didn't realise TED has podcasts. Whoa.


Some of my favourites are:


Dan Carlin's Hardcore History




The Black Tapes


Myths and Legends


Astonishing Legends


The Tim Ferris show


I am going to check out the Anxiety Shut In Hour !

Re: Podcasts

I'm really enjoying 'Alice isn't dead'. It's created by the same people behind Welcome to Nightvale so it has the same creepy factor! I'm only on the 2nd episode at the moment but it is very good so far.
@roseisnotaplant I also find it hard to focus on too things at once. So I'll either listen to them while playing some games or doing some housework.

Re: Podcasts

@roseisnotaplant Yes, you really must listen to Welcome to Nightvale! Some of the writing is just so stunningly beautiful. I've kept all my favourite episodes on my iPod so I can listen to them again.


Thank you for the recommendation! Dear Hank and John will be the next podcast I listen to! I've seen a few of Hank Green's youtube videos about psychology, but I had no idea that he and John had a podcast!


Good question! I only ever listen to them when I'm on the train and don't have a seat to be able to read, or when I'm at work and don't have to focus too much on the data I'm entering. I agree that it's hard to focus on both the podcast and something else. I'd say public transport is definitely a good time to listen to them, or maybe just before bed when you might not really be doing anything else anyway. I have a friend who has underwater headphones, and she listens to podcasts while swimming/exercising, so I guess that could be an option?

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Re: Podcasts

@Bree-RO I haven't heard of Limetown but I'm going to download it right now and start listening at work tomorrow! I'll let you know what I think!


The only one on your list I've heard of is Ted Radio Hour. Do you have a favourite episode of those?

I love Overcoming, especially the segment with poet Shayne Koyzen about how he overcame being bullied in primary and high school.

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Re: Podcasts

Thanks for joining the conversation @Alison5! Let us know what you enjoy/don't enjoy when you start listening to some podcasts!

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Re: Podcasts

@Ben-RO Love your enthusiasm!! I know what you mean - I ted to tune out a bit when I listen at work too. Or I tend to pause it for long periods while I'm doing something that requires concentration, then forget what I was listening to when I press play again!


Oooh, are you up to date with Welcome to Nightvale? I think they were here for a live show last year. Did you happen to see them? Love having someone to disucss this with!!


I'm going to check out all the other ones you mentioned! I've been told Serial is quite good, but I think it's a crime one, and that's not really my cup of tea...

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