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So I've decided to get braces at 18 years old.

My teeth are far from horrid, but I do have one wonky tooth as a result of crowding on my top row which impacts my confidence with photos and smiling etc. so I though, sscrew it let's get it fixed and went to see an ortho

Problem is, I'd have to get FOUR teeth removed to fix the problem. One to let the wonky tooth come down, one to make sure my smile stays straight (on the other side of my bite) and two on my bottom teeth to make sure that my bite can be manipulated well enough. Even though my appointment is almost 2 months away, I've never had a tooth out let alone four and I'm kinda scared :'). I've had 13 piercings before, heaps of needles/blood tests and a small tattoo and I haven't flinched but somehow the idea of teeth really freak me out

Anyone with experience keen to share some tips to help me keep my sanity???

Re: Braces!!!

Hey @basketofmonkeys congrats for getting braces! I've had my teeth taken out before and honestly it's not that big of a deal. You won't feel anything because of anesthetic. Usually the dentists and their assistants are super friendly too so they'll help you feel comfortable. Getting four teeth out is the same as getting one out - it will all be done at the same time and like I said, you won't feel it while it's happening. If you're happy with the orthodontist you've selected, don't worry about much else Smiley Happy You'll probably need some recovery time after the procedure though so try not to make any social plans (unlike me who had her sister's wedding to attend after getting a couple of wisdom teeth removed Smiley Tongue ). Best of luck with it, I'm sure it will go great Smiley Happy

Re: Braces!!!

Hey @Mona-RO, did you get yours done in the chair as I'm considering getting mine done under general anaesthetic but I'm not sure if it's worth the fuss Smiley Tongue

Re: Braces!!!

@basketofmonkeys yeah I had mine done in a chair but that's because I've been visiting dentists for a long time Smiley Sad (I had to get some teeth removed when I was little) so I was used to it. You can definitely look into the general anesthetic option more if you like. If you feel more comfortable with that, talk to the orthodontist (maybe you already have) and see what they say. Whatever makes you feel more at ease, go with that. 


Btw, I've a dental appointment tomorrow, not thrilled about it but you gotta do what you gotta do right.

Re: Braces!!!

I had a tooth out a few years ago when I was eleven or twelve, and I had it done in the chair, and it wasn't too bad. I don't really remember so I don't have any tips, but good luck! I'm sure it'll go well Smiley Happy

Re: Braces!!!

@Mona-RO exactly, I don't think I'll go with GA because it's more expensive and seems like a huge hassle, and I think the main fear is that i'm not really used to dentists in general. But I'm sure it'll be fine! Just got to get over the nervousness Smiley Happy

And thanks so much @roseisnotaplant!

Re: Braces!!!

@basketofmonkeys hey I just had braces I had them on for about a year, so I was well past 21 when I got them off (if I remember correctly). At first I was self conscious then I just kind of forgot they were even there,they sure as hell felt weird and clunky when I got them but eventually my mouth got used it.
Funnily enough, the first day I got them I forgot I had big shiny train tracks and I smiled at a kid on the tram and she said "mum what does that guy have in his mouth" and all my confidence disappeared hahaha but i swear they aren't bad
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: Braces!!!

I'm so excited for you to get braces @basketofmonkeys. That is what I am planning on doing because I have crowded teeth on my lower bottom. It really affects my confidence too. I recently started the process and had to get 4 wisdom teeth taken out. I got put under though because I was so scared and I haven't had much experience with dentists before. I may not have to get teeth removed in my over crowded area as they may be able to put an appliance on that creates space. But I need to save for that and I'm planning a trip overseas next year so the braces will have to come after that. 


Good luck Smiley Happy It will be so worth it. Just picture the end result. 

Re: Braces!!!

hi @basketofmonkeys, sorry if i'm a lil late but I definitely understand where you're coming from. I had braces when I was about 16years old, and I had them on for about 2 years. I had to take out 4 teeth as well, which was done under the chair. However, that experience was horrible (sorry to scare you). I have to get my wisdom tooth removed soon, and I will definitely be doing it under general anaesthetic. 


@mspaceK How was your wisdom tooth removal experience? I'm quite scared for mine !

Re: Braces!!!

It was a little bit painful. It was gross because of the blood. And I hated not being able to chew things for a while. But it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. You'll be okay.  

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