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I'm going camping in the wilderness for the next five days.


So... no internet. Wish me luck...


While I'm gone, does anyone have any funny/weird/outrageous camping stories they want to share? I'm sure I'll come back with a bunch, but I'm curious about other people's experiences!


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Re: Camping

Good luck and have fun @roseisnotaplant ! I hope the weather is good for your trip.

I don't really have a funny camping story cause I haven't been in ages. We used to have a family tent, so my best story that I can remember was when I was about 14, one night both my parents seemed like they were getting a cold and I didn't want to sleep in the tent with them go catch it, so I slept in the car instead. But I didn't think to lower the front seat, so I was squished up in the back and all uncomfortable for no reason Smiley Tongue

Re: Camping

Have fun on your trip @roseisnotaplant! Smiley Happy
During school, we had a three day camp trip and my group hiked up a mountain and I sung (and by sung, I mean shouted at the top of my voice) most of the way. People were shocked how I was able to keep it up without loosing my breath or pace Smiley Tongue

Re: Camping

Hope you have fun camping @roseisnotaplant!


I've never really been camping, so I don't have any stories of that nature to share. Although I did go on Outward Bound in high school, which is a 10 day camp sort of thing. I didn't like it. I'm not very outdoors-y and I really missed showering!

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Re: Camping

I really didn't like school camps at all, my first school camp experience I lasted 24 hours because my anxiety was so bad, gotta love #anxietylife. Of course even without anxiety it was a disaster! One - my (clueless) teacher booked it at a school leavers hotspot during leavers week so we dealt with drunk teens walking into our school groups, Two - it was on an island and most of the activities were outside so when it poured with rain we had to do them despite getting drenched, Three - it just wasn't organised well at all.

Other school camps while not as bad still weren't the best of fun because my anxiety just didn't like camps.


Family camping trips have had a host of adventures as well! Including despite camping in the middle of Summer a storm hit and tore our tent which we repaired with duck tape. We once used to camp between Christmas and New Year and regardless of where we stayed the police were always at the camp sites moving on mischief makers.

My parents also liked to pick locations down south and the first day driving down would be super hot (and for a while our car at the time didn't have air con) then the rest of the week would be like winter so we would be stuck in the tents trying not to go outside unless we had too.


One of my favourite camps was probably a church camp a few years ago when some of the youth group kids decided to post it note the youth pastors car in the middle of the night and wrap one of the youth group leaders car with glad wrap. Because they were told on the youth group camp earlier in the year that they couldn't do pranks so they waited until it was the church camp and did them then. They of course recorded the youth pastor trying to get all these post it notes off the car. The rest of the church was just amazed that these kids actually covered the whole car in post it notes in the middle of the night and didn't get caught hahaSmiley LOL

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Re: Camping

@ErinsAntics haha the anxiety was hard. But luckily for me I had a few friends who helped me through the camps. My favourite moment by far was the final year retreat/camp. (cabin style Smiley Tongue). We went into an occupied room and they decided to change rooms. Smiley Very Happy We had the whole room to ourselves. Sometimes, I feel hurt. But honestly, I can't let go of that happy feeling. Smiley Tongue

Re: Camping

Oh have I got a camping story for you.


A couple of years back my friends and I went to the Glow Worm Cave Tunnel in Newnes. 


We arrived at about 2pm and by the time we set up all our tents and such, we went to the information centre to get brochures and maps for the walk.


The man at the desk told us it's best not to go now (around 3pm) since the sun would be setting and we'd get caught up in the night time, so he advised us to go early the next morning.


Since we did not want to wake up early the next morning (my friends planned on drinking and also leaving early as some had to still go to uni), we decided like very smart and totally-not-reckless people, "Hey! We're young and able, we can move quickly, we'll just smash it out in like 2 hours and get this over and done with!"


It starts off fine. We start at a sign that says the route will take 4 hours (uh oh... we thought the guy at the information place said 3?)... but 15 minutes later we get to a sign that says the route will take 3 hours. My boyfriend at the time said something along the lines of, "Hey we're smashing it out, we just spent 15 minutes clearing out 1 hour of the route!" It sounds stupid, but we're all pumped saying YEAH we did a great job! (even though we weren't walking THAT fast)


To cut a long story short, after the glow worn tunnel, we are continuing the route and making our way to the camping grounds. We come across a fork in the road, think we're meant to go right, go right for AGES (I'm talking maybe 30 minutes) and at the end of the road realise we went the wrong way. So we have to turn back and by the time we get back to the fork in the road, it's night time.


So we deliberate... what do we do? Continue walking the path (which we haven't seen before but is shorter), or go back through the glow worm cave tunnel (which is longer but at least we know what to expect).


A few guys decide to run and continue the path, but the rest of us go back the way we came.


Some of us had torches, others had the flashlight app on their phones, but we somehow made it. A lot of the times we had to do one section, stop, turn around, shine light for the next person to do it, etc. At one stage there was a huge cliff to the side, and a step in that direction looked like it meant certain death. The person at the front had to stop eveyone and say, "Guys, do you see that? On your left? That is death. So be careful."


We ended up arriving at the camp grounds at about 8pm, so like 5 hours after we departed.


So yeh, moral of the story is next time listen to the guy at the information desk! Or at least read the map properly and don't go 30 minutes down the wrong road at the fork Smiley LOL

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Re: Camping

Well I don't have any stories about camping as such except for the time I had to sleep in the car because I didn't know how friken scarey the koalas were until they growled. Dammit I didn't stop shaking aha.

But here's a nice story from one of my dads friends.
Let's call him D.
D and 2 other mates went from Ballarat all the way up into SA somewhere up north. They went up there to go gold detecting not expecting to find too much.
On the first night they stopped at a random spot and had a quick scan. Instantly they were finding small nuggets. Through 24 hours they had over 184 gold nuggets or something.
Pretty good score aye? I thought that was pretty cool when dad told me. I myself have only ever found a small nugget no more than a quarter the size of a 5c coin.

Anyway, let us know how you go!

Re: Camping

Wow @RandomName what a cool story!

Have you been gold hunting/detecting a few times?

I've never done that (unless you count scanning the ground at Sovreign Hill,haha) but I imagine it would be fun!

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Re: Camping

Ah I love camping and the outdoors! I've got so many stories I could tell, but I'll stick with a particulalry funny one!


In year 9 I had to go on a school camp for 10 days, and my birthday happened to fall right in the middle. On the day of my birthday the school dropped off some food and water supplies to our next camp from the school, and they also left a birthday cake there as a suprise for when we arrived at the camp. However, when we got there, we found that the package had been ripped open and some cheeky widelife had helped themselves to my birthday cake Smiley LOL