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Re: Chit Chat

[N] Hi everyone! N here! We’re still here! Smiley Happy

Re: Chit Chat

Going all the way to Melbourne to help my mentors fix their printer and
have it not actually work after trying to fix it for 2 hours is definitely
the highlight of my fucking weekend
I don’r know why I volunteered I guess I’m a good person but you know this
is not my ideal Sunday I wish things just worked ok for old people and it
didn’t stress them out

Re: Chit Chat

@scared01 are you still around

Re: Chit Chat

@Saltwaterdreamtime that is very kind of you to travel to help your mentors fix their printer. Technology is really frustrating when it doesn't work.
Is there anything good that happened this weekend?


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Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Chit Chat

@SomeoneNADJS yay!!! It's been a while since you were last on, I hope everything's been going okay for you all. 

Re: Chit Chat

hi @Brendos94  yeah im still floating around here 

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Chit Chat

Yeah I surfed @Bee and that was fun
I went out for brunch with them after I couldn’t get the printer to work. I
hope they can sort it out.

Re: Chit Chat

[N] @Tiny_leaf We’ve been good. We just came back today from a Melbourne holiday. We did some fun stuff and we had a great time (except I’m not happy about those scammers pretending to be homeless; I saw them on TV and I now know I donated to at least two of them).


Anyway, dysphoria hasn’t been so bad in about the past week, and for the remainder of the school holidays we’re planning on practising swapping control of our body and getting some rest Smiley Happy

Re: Chit Chat

@SomeoneNADJS weirdly enough, I've just arrived in Melbourne for a holiday earlier today!

Those scammers are awful... and they make everything harder for actually homeless people.

Did you get to go to the aquarium? I'm trying to decide whether to go or not... 


I'm glad that dysphoria's been better than normal. Smiley Happy

Getting rest sounds good. Smiley Happy

How do you coordinate swapping control of your body?

It sounds kinda difficult, but then again I struggle with controlling mine and there's only one person in it... 


Re: Chit Chat

@scared01 i hadn't seen you around much

@j95 how are you going today 

@Saltwaterdreamtime how are you