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Re: Chit Chat

Aww... being busy isn’t fun is it @scared01?...

I know I’ve just finished the big rush of assignments and stuff, and had 2 exams this week. But they’re over now, so I should be good. Mental health is a bit low, but I’m fine...

I could be better, but I’ll get there. People have been changing, but I think I finally found someone my age who I can trust more than my youth leaders. She’s amazing!

What have you been up to?

Re: Chit Chat

its been both good and bad @xXLexi_Lou122Xx Ive needed to stay busy but at the same time ive been pretty unwell physically after a procedure which almost required hospital for treatment so I was down and out for a few days recovering the best I could. but ive also needed to catch up on quite a few things before Christmas so im fitting in final appointments for myself and caree between now and the school holidays so that I wont have to go to many of them within those few weeks. I do have a lot of work coming up in those holidays so will be pretty busy then too.

oh wow that's a lot of assignments and things. schools like to make things right at the last minute sometimes don't they! and all at the same too rather then being spread out abit 😣😣

im glad to hear that you might've found someone you trust, that's really good. is this in a friendship group your in or something else?
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Re: Chit Chat

Oh I’m sorry to hear that has happened @scared01!
I know I’ve been physically unwell, but only due to some recent fainting spells...
I’m okay now, but it’s gotten pretty bad lately.

Have you gotten in to the appointments and things you’ve needed to do? Sometimes the booking systems and all that have been stupid and not worked.
Good luck with work over the hols!

Yup, it’s an awful lot! I can almost guarantee that I failed Science, Maths, and Humanities. I’m so disappointed that my teachers told me that “this, this, and this will be on the test” but there was only like 2 questions of “this”, and the rest were untaught. Both Maths and Science exams were like that this week. Smiley Sad
Humanities is just a really big assignment that I had to get done in between all my revision and other assignments. But it’s over now, I just need to wait for my grades now.

Yes, I’m very happy with who I’ve found. She is younger than me, only by a year, but I feel as though fate has given me a wonderful person to have. Someone who actually cares, and will do anything to make me feel better. I just hope I can be there for her when she needs it too.
She is a youth group/church friend, so that is even better. She’s even better than the youth leaders... which is disappointing really, but I’m so blessed to have her. Smiley Happy

Re: Chit Chat

Hey @xXLexi_Lou122Xx 


I just wanted to pop in and say that I'm super glad to hear that you've found a friend who you can trust as that is definitely something you deserve Heart


Also, it's okay if you've failed some subjects. It is important to remember that you did your best given your circumstances. We all learn differently. And from what you've told me so far, the new school's teaching style will be better suited to your learning style, right? So, I'm guessing you'll flourish in that environment, as you clearly have a lot of potential. I can tell that you have potential by the way you write and communicate on the forums. It's really impressive. Smiley Happy


Lovely to see you two @scared01 and @xXLexi_Lou122Xx supporting each other. Hope you both had a good weekend. 

Re: Chit Chat

Thank you @Maddy-RO!

Yeah, I guess we all do learn differently. But it is a little hard to not think about...
Yes, the school is supposed to be really good for my learning, but then again, I’m an arty kind of learner. I learn visually, and through the other arts.

Aww thank you! That is very sweet. Smiley Happy

How was your weekend Maddy?

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Re: Chit Chat

My pleasure @xXLexi_Lou122Xx Smiley Happy


Being a visual learner is completely ok! I think I'm a visual learner. I also like to put things down on paper - whether it includes writing info, or drawing something that conveys the info, or underlining, highlighting and colour coding things etc.


My weekend was really good. Thanks for asking. I had my cousin's engagement on Saturday night which was lots of fun. Then I relaxed on Sunday. How was your weekend?  


Have you got much planned for over summer?

Re: Chit Chat

Fair enough @Maddy-RO!

That sounds like fun! My weekend wasn’t too bad, but I did get a bit lonely...
Church and that lunch just made me feel very alone. But I did get a very tasty burger for lunch! That was the only upside though... Smiley Sad

I don’t actually, but my family and I are doing things for once. I’m going to have lunch with my Aunty, for my birthday. Which was exactly 4 months ago, but we got really busy.
Then in January, my fam and I are going to Sydney for a holiday, which should be good! Because my new school is based on airplanes, it would be stupid if we went there and haven’t actually been on a plane!

I also have a stress test in January. The specialists have already ruled out any heart problems for my syncope, but this was booked ages ago. Stress tests are very popular apparently!

// You are worth Something, not Nothing. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise //

Re: Chit Chat

hey @xXLexi_Lou122Xx
ive been slowly getting on top of the appointments and things that need to be done. still quite a lot to do though but not sure if ill get it all done before Christmas.

I hope you passed in your subjects. its hard when a lot of the content is skimmed over or isn't taught too.
your new friends sounds like a real blessing, its great to hear

hey @Maddy-RO
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Chit Chat

good i guess

Re: Chit Chat

That’s good, even if you won’t get them all done before Christmas. I have 1 last appt at the hospital, but it’s not major, in January.

I did pass, but just barely.
I haven’t got Science back yet, but oh well. I passed Maths, just barely.

Yes, I’m so blessed to have someone. Finally, someone who is religious like me, but better to talk to.

That’s pretty good @steana. Or are you really not okay?

// You are worth Something, not Nothing. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise //