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Re: Debate Club!!!!

Fair enough @N1ghtW1ng!

Re: Debate Club!!!!

@N1ghtW1ng AGREED. I only included two because if I had put in more You'd never shut me up...... way too many cool things down there. 

And thank you!!

Re: Debate Club!!!!

Okay! I think the Water exploration side wins!

Next topic:
Hair tied up, or Down?
If you're a male, or identify as a male, Hair spiked up, or just flat?

Re: Debate Club!!!!

I think hair tied u is the best decision, for, hmm... I'll go with three reasons.

1. You won't catch nits as easily.
I know that in the past, quite a few times, I've contracted nits. My mum could never find the bug that layed the eggs, but got all the eggs out. My hair is very thick too, so I can understand why she would want me to not get them again. And who would want an itchy head, for as long as you've had them?

2. You can make soo many cool hairstyles when it's tied up!
I know that I like experimenting with my hair, and seeing what cool styles I have up my sleeve. I know that I've made some pretty cool ones that only I have thought of! I'll post some sometime, blurred out of course. Smiley Happy

3. In the summer time, and when you're sick, is best when your hair is tied up!
I know that when I'm boiling hot, and need to cool down, My hair is always tied up on top of my head. It's always good, and staying cool in the heat is essential for body temperature. Nobody wants to faint from the heat! And when you get sick, it isn't fun when you get vomit in your hair, is it? I hated it, and had to wash my hair immediately. Always keep your hair tied up when you have a vomiting bug. It's definitely not fun!

// Nothing is impossible. The word itself says "I'm Possible" //

Re: Debate Club!!!!

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx if I'm doing any work/ physical activity, I keep my hair up. It doesn't get caught as easily, and doesn't get into my eyes and mouth that way.

Plus I have a weird knack for getting random animals caught in it (everything from a small python to a gecko to a German shepherd's foot), so having it tied up means that it doesn't get turned into nest.


Buut when I'm doing nothing I like having it down, It's really fun to play with and keeps the back of my neck warm, plus it's more comfortable...


I can think of so many reasons for both sides..!

Re: Debate Club!!!!

I think I can agree with you on the keeping my neck warm part @Tiny_leaf!
Tody, I didn't brush my hair and left it down. It was warm too, because My house gets cold during the day. Not to mention that it was raining too!

Re: Debate Club!!!!

Okay, so we only had two people discuss this topic.

I'm gonna tag some members, and start the next topic.

Re: Debate Club!!!!

The next topic is:


Olives: Tasty, Disgusting, or neutral?



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Re: Debate Club!!!!

Tasty 100% 


tasty goat GIF

Re: Debate Club!!!!

Hey @Maddy-RO.
But what's your reason?

And something is wrong with you olive lovers. They are purely made of all disgusting material called olive! I hate them! Smiley Tongue

But some people are allowed to like them, just not me...