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Everyone’s Favourite Music?

I’m really interested in lots of different types of music, so please anyone comment their own favourite bands/songs and types of music below here! Wether its alternative, kpop, rock, pop, metal, electronic or jazz, anything. Smiley Happy (or if you can’t possibly name your #1 favourite band or song, just name a song or band you have enjoyed lately.)


Lately I have been enjoying the relaxing music of the band Peach Pit and MGMT. as well as the band half.alive .

Re: Everyone’s Favourite Music?

Ooh I haven't heard of those bands @anonymousgirl101! I'll have to check them out. I mostly enjoy a combination of indie and alternative rock/pop punk.

Recently I've been listening to Mike Shinoda's album Post Traumatic, MCR's album Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, and Mary Lambert's Heart on My Sleeve! 

Re: Everyone’s Favourite Music?

Sounds nice but I haven't heard of any of the bands or artists and songs that you guys, @DruidChild and @anonymousgirl101 have mentioned. I like to listen to Queen, Florence And The Machine's 'Kiss With a Fist', David Brown, aka Boyinaband, Titanium by Sia and some other dude, and a mix of assorted others like Uptown Girl by dude I've forgotten the name of, and We Didn't Start The Fire and Piano Man by Billy Joel. I try to listen to a variety if music, including rock, pop, rap, and a bit of country music.

Re: Everyone’s Favourite Music?

i listen to alternative mostly but all genres are great !

im favourite song atm is ‘dont give in’ by snow patrol Smiley Happy

Re: Everyone’s Favourite Music?

@anonymousgirl101 Love this thread!! 

Music is always so fun to share! 

I recently discovered this cool (very old) song called Coconut Grove by The Lovin Spoonful - it's quite relaxing. 
I also like to listen to different genres depending on my mood-  have enjoyed listening to Alt J's new album of remixes this week, and the artists Moonchild and Franc Moody. Heart

I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: Everyone’s Favourite Music?

 my favorites are: 


loving strangers- russian red 

same love -macklamore 

awkward orchid orchard-(i cant remember the band lol)

king princess 

billie eilish


i really ike peach pit tooo... such a great vibe 

girls like girls -hayley kiyokio



Re: Everyone’s Favourite Music?

@gina-RO im listening to some of the songs you suggested and they are great ! definitely different songs i listen to but these put me in such a great mood Smiley Happy

Re: Everyone’s Favourite Music?

I love classical, even though I don't have any related knowledge lol

Re: Everyone’s Favourite Music?

These are all some amazing music choices!

I prefer soundtracks myself, music without lyrics Smiley Tongue With some exceptions (namely Ninjago music Smiley Tongue)

Re: Everyone’s Favourite Music?

I've heard of Cavetown and girls like girls, and I love same love by macklemore!
I just had a listen to awkward orchid orchid by the boat people, if thats the band you were talking about and I really dig their vibe! thanks for commenting them Smiley Happy