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Hey, uni people...

What are subjects you enjoyed/hated?


Going to study social work and want to know what's worth doing/not doing!


Re: Hey, uni people...

Good luck @lanejane (sorry - I'm not a uni kid, just tafe)

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Re: Hey, uni people...

@lanejane For elective units I really enjoyed doing film studies, got a chance to watch a lot of different films I wouldn't normally watch Smiley Happy


Learning another language is always a valuable asset, I really wish I did the japanese 101 and continued studying the language.


Re: Hey, uni people...

I think its a good idea to study subjects that are related or connected in some way to your field of study. I did some sociology and criminology units in my first and second years of undergrad psych. Also second @NutellaBuster 's suggestion of doing a language.


My only advice would be to not focus 100% of your degree on social work (or whatever your major/specialisation is). It narrows your focus of study and could bore you or even burn you out (I learned this last year after a whole year of straight psychology units).  If you can try and incorporate non-social work electives into your course. They could teach you new ways of thinking about social work or skills that might be applicable to work (or life in general)


Also good luck!! 

Re: Hey, uni people...


@safari93 makes a good point, don't focus 100% of your degree on social work! pick an elective that is different from your field of study, it will provide a nice break.

last year i picked up 'intro to French' and found that it was the class i looked forward to go to every week because it gave me a little break from my psych studies Smiley Happy
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Re: Hey, uni people...

Thanks so much for your replies @jvkn @safari93 @NutellaBuster & @j95 


Definitley good suggestions!


I'll keep it in mind when selecting subjects over the next month Smiley Happy




Re: Hey, uni people...

I love all my psych subjects! As well as Sociology, Criminology, Gender Studies and Creative Writing Smiley Happy

Re: Hey, uni people...

Hey @lanejane 


Agreeing with @NutellaBuster and @safari93 , doing different electives and mixing up your degree a bit can definitely teach you new things and help you find other interests outside your major/area. 


I enjoyed taking up new languages, sociology, and public healh courses Smiley Happy I've seen so many people ask what's an 'easy' course which would help them boost their GPA - but that's not even the point. It's better to choose a course that you're actually interested and enthusiastic about learning, rather than assuming it's a piece of cake. 


Absolutely hated stats though, even though they're kinda important Smiley Indifferent

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Re: Hey, uni people...

Hey @lanejane , I did a psych degree and also did units in gender studies, criminology, children and family studies, sociology and counselling and I'd say that they all added something extra to my learning eperience in some way (even if I didn't always enjoy them as much at the time). Totally agree that it's worth mixing it up with electives,  I  found a lot that what I learned in seemingly unrelated electives would tie back in to my main study in some way.


Good luck with your course! Smiley Happy

Re: Hey, uni people...

I'm so excited for you @lanejane ! I feel like you're going to have an amazing time! 


I did a Bachelor of Social Science majoring in Criminology and Criminal Justice, so my degree was a mix of sociology and criminal core units and I chose to do some social work electives. I found these three sectors really complimented each other because socio / crim gives you a really good background in how a huge amount of complex factors intersect with one another to "create" not on the offender but also how society dictates we should react to a certain offence (for example, society's current construct of the "real man" can make it difficult for male victims of domestic violence to be recognised and seek help). The social work units I picked up were ones relating to domestic violence and child abuse. So yeah, I definitely reccomend looking into some crim / sociology units, especially if they offer ones like gendered crime.