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what’s use do to destract urselfes

Re: Hobbies

Hi @Troy91 and welcome to ReachOut!

I am going to tag a few members who might be able to help you with some suggestion: @annabethxchase @DIVYA @dncinginthedirt @Ladybug @peacelovepizza @Ash555 @Rose_Harley @Sunflower18 @Wonderlahxx

Re: Hobbies

So here are SOME of my hobbies Smiley Happy

  • Mind games - e.g. Sudoku, word searches etc.
  • Puzzles Smiley Happy I usually do this one to music, keeps me preoccupied for hours and unlike sudokus, I'm actually really good at them! 
  • Jamming to KPOP or Korean Pop - Honestly, check that music out! Especially Blackpink Smiley Happy
  • Laying on my pineapple inflatable in the pool Smiley Happy Really relaxing and lovely.
  • Floating out in the ocean, I love going under each wave and feeling the wave above me.
  • Playing Netball, need I say more?
  • Beating my sister at UNO bahaha
  • And my favourite, pampering my puppas with love, hugs and kisses.

Re: Hobbies

Hey @Troy91! some hobbies I use to distract myself or pass time include:

  • watching a movie or tv show - you can kill hours easily. I'm currently watching the movies in the Marvel Universe.
  • Playing video games
  • Jamming to music
  • Go for a long walk or drive
  • Read a book
  • Practice a craft - my little sister does a lot of painting and I like to practice makeup artistry

Btw great suggestions @annabethxchase, if only I had a swimming pool with inflatables, I'd be out there all day.

Re: Hobbies

Hehe @Ladybug cool Smiley Happy

Re: Hobbies

@Troy91 Hi Troy, welcome to ReachoutSmiley Happy. To answer your question, there are many things I do to distract myself and some of them are:


1. Going to the beach- this is something I just love and whenever I get an opportunity I go there to get a breath of fresh air.


2. Listening to music is also a really good way to distract yourself especially if you are at work and need some break.


3. Sometimes I also watch 'Worth it' - a buzzed food travel series on youtube but now i watch it a little less because I end up feeling hungry after that.


4. Even going for a walk around the neighbourhood is a good distractor. Smiley Happy

Re: Hobbies

Love these suggestions @DIVYA @Ladybug and @annabethxchase !

I love:
1. Art and craft! I love to have a project

2. Spending time with my family and our dog

3. Netflix

Re: Hobbies

Awesome @Jess1-RO Smiley Happy Smiley Happy

Re: Hobbies

Hey @Troy91,


For me it depends what I need distraction from...


If I'm stuck at a desk all day and feeling like a zombie I love to go out somewhere where nature wakes me up a little - like a walk at a windy beach or a swim.


If I need to keep my mind busy, then anything that uses my hands - craft, woodwork, the gym - something that will occupy my whole brain for a while Smiley Happy


What kind of stuff do you normally do?

Re: Hobbies

@Troy91 and here's a thread on things you can do to distract yourself that you can add to Smiley Wink