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Re: Inspired Usernames

Hey Graphiqual,


Cool username! You sound like a really creative person. What an awesome skill to have!!


I ususally hate misspelling stuff, it really gets on my nerves that ever since I stipped doing spelling tests in school my spelling has gone down.


But you've made me think about it in a different light. Maybe misspelling sometimes can be ok too!


Keep up your creativness

Re: Inspired Usernames

@atma - haha I suppose it's not so much that I like mispelling things, I just have a habit of deliberately spelling things in weird ways to correspond with how I say things in my head, like "hurro" instead of hello, "guise" instead of guys, for instance Smiley Very Happy

Re: Inspired Usernames

All this talk makes me wanna have a less boring username!! I love everyone's stories and creativity

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Re: Inspired Usernames


Mine's in memory of the dog we used to have- a loyal shadow! Smiley Happy

Re: Inspired Usernames

I like graphiqual and it does look really cool. Its really awesome that it does have a meaning to you though. Smiley Happy

Sophie what would you change it to if you could?

Wow Shadow that is really deep, you must have loved that dog. Super cute.

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Re: Inspired Usernames

I really liked my old username, which was themoonisshining. It was kinda like the moon will always shine bright, even in the dark. (I REALLY like it so that's why I'm sharing it. okay? okay)


Dreamcatcher: because I literally want to catch/achieve my dreams

Re: Inspired Usernames

@dreamcatcher: Ah! I spent (what felt like) ages trying to remember your old username when you first mentioned you had changed it! I knew it was something I liked. I like both of yours and the reasons for them.

Re: Inspired Usernames

@Dreamcatcher: Ohhhhh! *Lightbulb* until now I was kind of thinking you were a new YA! I was kind of wondering we lost themoonisshining in the upgraded to the forums... But we didn't, you've just been hiding under disguise Smiley Tongue That's cool! Smiley Very Happy
I love the meaning behind your new username (as well as the old!) {I litterally have a huge smiley on my face right now!}


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Re: Inspired Usernames

This is an awesome topic! It's great to hear where everyone's usernames came from! Smiley Happy

Mine is pretty self explanatory, I think - it's a "quote" from Harry Potter. When you want to clear the Marauder's Map, you have to say "mischief managed" and I like to think that I am always creating a bit of fun mischief. Smiley Wink

Re: Inspired Usernames

Mine's taken from one of the characters in Blade Runner