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What is your favorite song

For example I don't have a favorite song but I do love to sing

Re: What is your favorite song

Songs I love:

Battle scars by Guy Sebastian

Don't let me down by the chainsmokers

Don't blame me by Taylor Swift

Waiting by KIAN

Drag me down by ?

Re: What is your favorite song

Oof, that’s tricky. 

I'd say anything by The Chainsmokers, though I’m quite a fan of Do You Mean or Come Hang Out by AJR.

and that’s easy, Drag Me Down by One Direction.



Re: What is your favorite song

Good question @Vivian13!

I have several favourite songs:

Skyscraper by Demi Lovato

Shake It Out by Florence and the Machine

Give a Little by Maggie Rogers

Anklebiters by Paramore

Roar by Katy Perry

Crazy Fishes by Bearcat

... just to name a few! Smiley Happy 

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Re: What is your favorite song

@letitgo wow great songs!

I don't really have a favourite song but at the moment my favourite album is Father of the Bride by Vampire Weekend. Listening to all of their music reminds me of being a teenager and this most recent album is really beautiful.

I especially love Harmony Hall and Bambina but I've been listening to the whole thing on repeat.
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Re: What is your favorite song

Those are all great songs everyone!
I agree @Vivian13. I love to sing too!

Rescue - Lauren Daigle
God Only Knows - For King and Country
Acapella - Karmin
Paralysed - NF
Can You Hold Me? - NF
Undo - Sanna Neilson

Those are just some of my favourites.

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