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fun topic: biggest fear and best activity :)

Hi there
just for abit of fun to take the edge of things tonight..
1. what is your biggest fear/fears- has to be unrelated to metal health or body issues please. just want a topic thats not so heavy on me right now
2. what do you enjoy doing the most
so ill start
1. one of my biggest fears is needles, cant stand them and i think it might be easier to pass out half the time at least then it can still get done  Smiley Wink Smiley Wink

2. i really enjoy reading a good book esp when its raining outside so i can listen to the rain as well. i also love to ride my horse too when the weather is good for it  Smiley Happy

Re: fun topic: biggest fear and best activity :)

Biggest fear: spiders!!

Best activity: hmmm, well I've only done it 4 times because of money but I love flying light planes/gliders! Really into aviation. Other than that probably just watching a good game of soccer or going to a food festival of some sort xD

Re: fun topic: biggest fear and best activity :)

Hi @sm98 i dont like spiders either! !!
Im too scared to get in a plane let alone fly one !! Thats cool!!

Re: fun topic: biggest fear and best activity :)

You fly planes @sm98??? That's so cool! Smiley Very Happy Also, welcome to ReachOut! Smiley Very Happy

@setmefree this is an awesome idea for a thread. Smiley Happy

My biggest fear... I don't think I have one biggest fear, just little fears. I suppose the biggest is falling (even though I really like heights/being high up)
And best activity would have to be... reading. And sleeping Smiley Tongue

Re: fun topic: biggest fear and best activity :)

i h ave waaaayyy too many fears lol. my biggest would be heights or spiders, some of my other ones are just weird lol.

my best activity would be x-box with mates but i cant do that anymore. i also love playing any sort of card game (my favourite being samba)
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Re: fun topic: biggest fear and best activity :)

@setmefree I also love reading a good book! what's your favourite book?

I love hearing people answer that question!


And one of my fears would have to be... running out of books to read! I'm constantly borrowing more books from the library when I still have heaps unread. Smiley Tongue

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Re: fun topic: biggest fear and best activity :)

i like quite alot of books but my favourite ones that im reading is called outlander by diana gabaldon. it is soo good its hard to put it down but the way ive been at the moment i just havent been reading it. theres i think 7 books int the series and im up to the 4th book now and its really good.

Re: fun topic: biggest fear and best activity :)

1. What is your biggest fear/fears
Hmmm I've had quite a lot that affect me to varying degrees at different times in my life....elevators...planes....public speaking....ferris wheels..... Smiley Tongue More recently I have become increasingly afraid of blood tests which is really annoying.

2. What do you enjoy doing the most
Skiing and snowboarding! Although I never get to do it because it's expensive unfortunately.

[I also enjoy eating food the most...]

Re: fun topic: biggest fear and best activity :)

Here is mine:

Biggest Fear
-> Height. Yes when I am in high position like on a bridge looking into a river but strangely I am fine at all when flying on a plane and look down.. not sure why

Best activity?
-> Eating my favorite food and wake up at 4 PM everyday!

Re: fun topic: biggest fear and best activity :)

1. Biggest fear-
Gah I'm scared of so much but most of all death. Just the idea of being here one day and gone the next with unfulfilled achievements and nothingness after. The idea of darkness and no mind or knowledge or anything terrifies me and I could go on forever about it but it might get a bit much, sorry if that was already.

2. Best activity-
Exploring and adventures waking long distances with no real purpose especially with a friend in beautiful areas like the beach or bush and unknown hopefully safe but sometimes doubtful streets and paths etc. I love not knowing where you are or where you'll find yourself and getting to see new places you'd otherwise not see. Sometimes you stumble across things that really catch your interest.

Also because I couldn't decide between the two going paddle boarding whether on the ocean or still body of water alone on a sunny day and being alone with your thoughts is so amazing.