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Re: happy new year everyone

Happy new year everybody! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: happy new year everyone

hi @Default 

firstly welcome to the forums. do you have a thread we can come and visit you on to help you work through some of these thoughts? 

that sounds like a good ny resolution.

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Re: happy new year everyone

im glad your new years was great, thats ok about resolutions. you dont have to have them Smiley Happy @Brendos94

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: happy new year everyone

happy new yr to you too @less123321 sorry to hear about your nan though, if you need to chat please do tag me and ill come help you out or try to anyway. 

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: happy new year everyone

@scared01 Feelimg quite tired atm. 4 days to go then I'm back in Melbourne 1 day off then back to work

I miss my friend Andy Dufresne.

Re: happy new year everyone

Happy new years everyone!! I hope everyone had a spectacular day.

Keen to hear about everyone's resolutions! Mine is to learn Spanish, and I'm doing a half marathon on August 5th! Stay tuned...I'm sure I'll be complaining a lot about it in the months leading up to it :-)

Re: happy new year everyone

Happy new year everyone!


Heres some NYE fireworks that I saw... I didn't have my lens focused properly and thus got a whole lot of awesome blurry photos - ooops



As for New years resolutions, I've not made any and I don't think I will this year. I never grew up with that kinda thing so its foreign - but why do we only have to make a plan to change something because its a new year? Change can be made at any time Smiley Happy

But for those making a resolution best of luck Smiley Happy

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Re: happy new year everyone

Loving the sound of everyone's NY's resolutions Smiley Very Happy


My resolutions are to be more adventurous (i.e., inject a bit of fun in my life), to be more organised in my studies and to learn to make healthy snacks and lunches, so I can don't need to buy food so often Smiley Tongue



Re: happy new year everyone

@Bee I love your picture of the fireworks - you've captured a variety. I used to take pictures of fireworks and end up with coloured dots against the night sky. You've done a good job there!! Smiley Very Happy


I agree with your comment about how change can be made at any time and does not necessarily need to begin in the new year. To me, my "resolutions" are really just some broad goals I want to aim for. I plan to revisit these goals each month or so to identify which areas of my life I want to focus on. I guess for me, resolutions give me a sense of direction as to where I would like to go and why. There is something about the end of December which makes it feel like a good time to reflect and think about what changes to make. 


Do you create goals as a source of motivation?


Re: happy new year everyone

Hey @Brendos94 try and rest up as much as you can before work. I know it can be really tiring not having much time off.



Hey @basketofmonkeys

oh wow I know a little bit of spanish- like a few words and numbers lol but I wish you the best in that. Oh and a marathon- sounds awesome!



Hey @Bee love the fireworks pic! Even though its still abit blurry I think it add to the affects and makes them look cool!



Hey @ryvb3

they sound like good ny resolutions too. Being healthy is an awesome option!

also i think goals are an awesome motivation as well as rewards  as well as long as it doesnt 'undo' or set you back in that goal so for example- goal 1- is to complete a uni/tafe course.  after each term at uni  you can take the day off from studying or allow yourself to have a 'lazy' day.  but you can make them up as you go along. 







To all: abit of food for thought perhaps???

we dont have to have ny resolutions and tbh most os us dont/wont stick to them so I propose something different. What about letting us know what youve already been doing that you want to continue doing this year?

For example for me I would like to continue learning more about my mh conditions and continue learning to cope with them rather than saying ' I want to get rid of my mh conditions' as a ny resolution.

Maybe for some of you itll be continue eating healthy and exercising, playing a sport, playing an instrument, sleep routines.....

anyways thats abit of food for thought for you all and id love to hear your thoughts on it

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**