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Re: music anyone?

'Life ain't what it seems' by John Butler Trio gets me everytime

Re: music anyone?

Robot Very Happy Deffinately!! Having a bad day, play some Florence and the Machine and sing out those bad emotions. It gets it out of your system in a positive way. Also check out medical studies done on music. Different tones in music are very healing. Try it next time when your sad or angry, SING!

Re: music anyone?

Ooo! I'm currently grooving along to 


Make You Mine - Miami Horror (Fred Falke remix)


Ultraviolet - Miami Horror

(...yeah, I'm a fan Smiley Tongue)



Changing of the Seasons - Two Door Cinema Club

Stay excellent

Re: music anyone?

ahhhh I love fred falke, miami horror and two door cinema club @Myvo 

I saw two door ages ago - amazing live!


Now I have to post my fav fred falke mix. 


The Whitest Boy Alive - Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix)



@The Dreamer  and @thedoctor I love everything you posted. How damn good are Joy Division and The Ramones? You might like Beach Fossils! 


Beach Fossils - Clash The Truth


Beach Fossils - Sleep Apnea






Re: music anyone?

@thedoctor I am sorry you are feeling down but dude, don't worry! We hope you feel better now! Smiley Very Happy You have come to the right place!


Music does make you feel better! It works for me too! High beat tunes really wake me up - especially techno music!


I am not sure if you are into my music tastes but this song is worth sharing - hope you have a awesome day Smiley Happy





Re: music anyone?

OK so for some reason i am obsessing over this song right now...


No idea whyyyyyy